How do I find someone to play with?

This game seems empty but everyone is just spread out how do I find someone to play with

I would suggest joining a guild and their discord channel if you want to find players.

Also depending on where you are located ect you might find some periods more quiet ect than others.

Eg majority of the player base is USA, UK - I’m from australia and aussies are as rare as a dingo chasing a kangaroo in a paddock


Join the boundless discord. Look to join a guild, that would be a great way to start. There is a hub on Phem that is looking for more players and has some room to grow. You could reach out to the Guild GTG, as one example for a group to tag with!

Welcome to the game but you will find, yes the community is small BUT quality > quantity!


Help me push to get the Boundless Discord to have the hunting/event bot added to it… or join other Discords that have it. Join the hunts and make friends - instant tons of VERY regular people to play with.

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Also depends on what you want to do together. Mining with a friend can be fun, hunting in large groups is popular, building by a neighbor is fun. You can find a city that’s growing and ask to build your house there

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Wait until @monty1 makes it easier to team up with other players

Kinda shocking it doesn’t already, I’m flabbergasted.

Well I asked in PM James and Stretch but no response. I was going to ask @monty1 but I figured he was already swamped with requests… maybe in time we can get it there and then I’ll expand it more for sure for the community.

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1: Chase orange dots on your radar. Then remember that not everyone is on a PC, so some have to peck out letters on screen with a controller, be patient in chat.

1.5: Please also remember not everyone is looking for someone else to build with them. Most people here are friendly, just maybe they don’t want to share their base …

2: Look for mail boxes. These are people that want to be contacted, mail boxes are optional here.

3: If you see a build that looks alive and there’s a guild tag, consider researching the guild instead of the player, it might be easier to find some leads on the forum of in discord that way.

4: Find a cool spot and build something interesting. Invite people to come build with you. If you find some like minds, maybe guild.

Just a couple of possible options.

If you go on a planet, and you can see an orange dot on your radar, you can also “whisper” to that person directly, if you don’t want to chase them down. I haven’t had a lot of people approach me this way though, and also it’s easy to miss.

But you can use the “whisper” feature to see who and how many people are around.