How do I get to pick my race?

I see these characters in the devlog and such but in the steam version I don’t see any of this. Is there a special version I do not have or something? I’m stuck as an orange rectangular prism! Sorry if I seem silly but I haven’t played the game in months and it seems exactly the same on steam.

Haha,so your so young,there not out yet.
It’s coming out in a new update soon😂

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And unless they’ve been keeping secrets from us
(wouldn’t be surprised)
there will be only 1 race to choose from when the update comes
but there will be more to come
:kissing: :hand: PSST dragons! pls :ear:


Hell yes! Dragon Race! Damn that would be cool!

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When they polled us about race possibilities Dragon was 5th after Elf, Human, Dwarf & Cat
they said (I think) that they didn’t want to follow the common every day fantasy races
and the current race that they are developing is very cat like
Hoping dragon will be the second

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Id really love to see a canine,wolf race.

This would look great,in a Oort style race.

Oh yeah I agree…that would be pretty sweet…I’m hoping there will be some kind of water dwelling race, with like the ability to breath underwater and stuff. :smile:

A graph of race suggestions and their popularity, from the backers way back in Dec 2014. The size of the text represents how many times it was suggested by comparison to others. Naturally, The most popular requests were the typical fantasy races as mentioned above by @drthmik

I’d rather they tried something different with the races. Yeah a canine race would be cool, but what about a different type of dog than the typical wolf-man? Something like a African-wild-dog maybe…

Little differences to main-stream races could really give Oort that edge



Really, I wanna play as a dragon
and not just a generic lizard


There are LOTS of games with lizard people
but almost NONE with Dragons as a playable character
It is a tragedy :cry:

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cause in the end a dragon is nothing but a lizard with wings and firebreathing.

i still want a cat race

Cat girls is love, Cat girls is life.

But i would absolutely LOVE to see the wolf race which @Nyuudles drew, it was so amazing (points to anybody who can find it, i cant remember where it is)

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Asian dragons (Which ARE still dragons) were more often than not wingless and without flaming breath yet are clearly not just some common lizard :unamused:

And you’re getting your cat race, the race they’re working on now has clear and obvious feline characteristics

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eh its more a tiger race, not cute cat girl, every game needs cat girls!!

and also you cant complaing that ‘‘we usually dont get dragon race’’ if you dont specificy WHAT dragon, you do realize that the concept of dragons vary greatly depending on the area you are in, so i ask ‘‘what dragon’’ do pictures.

not that i disagree dragon/lizard would be cool though although slightly unoriginal.

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Any kind

Preferably ALL KINDS :kissing_heart:

AKA lizards

Take your perverted sexual fetish and shove it

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Better to be into cat girls than huge ass lizards xD

but that is slighly off topic i reckon, if you are that interested you can go to the off-topic tab and make a post called ‘‘Fetishes’’ :smiley:

now for actual races, again i would like a scaly race, would be kinda cool

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Lizards are boring
(Redacted. Please discus the topic, rather than attack other users themselves.)

‘‘The English word dragon derives from Greek δράκων (drákōn), “dragon, serpent of huge size, water-snake”.[2]’’

My bad, Big ass Lizard/Snake

Keep the ad hominem retorts to yourselves, please. They add nothing to the conversation and are inappropriate content in this forum.

And for the record, both creatures y’all discuss are in the realm of fantasy. They can be what ever you want them to be, so why act so defensive over something as mundane as general Wikipedia definitions?