How do i know if gleam is bright enough for farming?

still building the farm out, not yet planted anything but the gleam im using to offset the ‘roof’ above the planned oat field appears to not be bright enough

is there a list of gleam that’s bright enough for farming?

edit: maybe ill just use cool blue afterall :confused: it ‘appears’ brighter compared to bright sephia at least in the local building.

All gleam light should do just fine, but the color would more depend on what you like to look at. In that case, Cool Blue would probably be less grating on the eyes, and make things more visible.

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switching out more than half already gives the little area a ‘cold temperature’ feeling since im using night blue peaty soil and dark lilac mud…it made me shiver just looking at it lol… and thank you for the reply as well as the information :smiley:

the hud details show the ETA of the crop, if there is bad lighting then the ETA will be longer than what the seed description states (assuming crop is at its first stage or else cannot really compare), eg unrefined black gleam (darkest gleam in the game other than doors/poles) is not bright enough to let crops grow at more than 50% speed even if right next to the crop.

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this is what it looks like now :smiley:

For my testing (limited) so far, ‘cool’ colours don’t have the same reach as white.

Testing out cold, bright, luminous etc to see what does.

Its not that you cannot get the best growth times, it’s just the light needs to be closer, therefore you will need more of them.

If that not an issue then it shouldn’t matter too much.

Add on: Cold slate seems to give off as much light as white, I will assume that is the same for all ‘cold’ colours


thankfully im not worried about growth times :smiley: i was earlier unsure if it impacted yield im happy it wasn’t the case. cool blue is easier for me to get anyways now that the exo planet for sephia is gone.

edit: O.o i got cold teal hmmmm… the suprises we end up finding in storage lol
2nd edit: the cold teal was too harsh :neutral_face:

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Might it be an idea to add a little bit of tooltip info under the to gleam/light sources that specifies how bright they are? Maybe in a 1-100 range or whatever is convenient or makes sense.

Quick and messy mock-up:


I don’t know if this helps?


Don’t know if it already is posted but here goes.
So gleam light range depends on color.

So this range is it only for us or does it also have effect on the farms.

We see “color distance” but not distance it reaches.
Or is the “color distance” the distance it reaches.

So lighting up your farm does the hight of the gleam vary depending on color?

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Bearing in mind the post I’m quoting from relates to combustion farming but I’d assume it’s relevant to all farming that needs gleam light.

It might be worth having a look at this post particularly about 3/4 of the way down which talks about gleam lights and colours.


Ill do that^^

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The last video I watched of @Jiivita shows his test of white gleam lantern, refined white gleam and plain white gleam. I believe it was 7m, 6m and then 5m of 100% light. The light still reaches past those distances, but the percentage falls. At least that’s how I understand it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Looks like your right^^

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