How do I read an Atlas resource heat-map?

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Recently I have been searching for resources and have just learned that you can use your Atlas to find where certain resources are like copper, and iron for example. When I add the resource to the Atlas so I can find it, It changes colors and shows a kind of heat map.

Now to get onto my question…

What do the colors of the heat map represent?

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the brighter the colours, the better density of x resource, it does however not provide any information on the altitude itself, that is left to the different resource’s known spawn requirements / altitude.

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yellow > white > light blue > darkblue/black

best way to learn how to read one of those is to head to a exo and look for lucent gems AFTER it has already been mined out that first day. (this is probably the best use of a mined out exo)

You are going to want to look for the yellow/white and light blue, if its dark blue it was there and has already been taken. if its black there isnt any of that resource there. go to the altitude of the lucent gem and pull up the atlas, if you look at the heat map for a lucent gem you can almost see the individual deposits, the dots on a atlas are about 10m. when you get close to a dot on the atlas start mining and when you find the deposit DONT mine it.

pull out the atlas in your off hand and look at the color, then imediately mine up that spot and then swap back to the atlas…

if you got everything it will tick to a darker color.

repeat this for about 2-3 hours and it will suddenly click and then you can apply it to anything else.

If you dont have access to a exo go to a public mine and repeat the same process but the mine has to be “used” and it has to have very little of the resources to learn how to properly read an atlas heatmap. otherwise its like trying to see a rain drop by looking at the clouds.

Alternatively if you can get to a exo with petroleum or primordial resin you can put that in the atlas and then look at that so you can see how far away the dots are from you. but i find you really learn it while mining.


When I put in copper I saw a light blue . What does blue mean? Is it low in that certain area or is that where I should be looking for it because it is a bright color? Anyways, thanks for the help, and I’ll experiment as I go along!

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yellow(a lot) > white (some) > light blue (little bit)> darkblue/black (none)


Thank you!


to find out at what altitude the resource is, read its description in the Knowledge tab (K)
atlas only tells you the x,y coordinates, but if you know the altitude, the thing is easy to find

for example, if you put in an inky leaf, you will see only a bunch or blue dots. but you know that inky leaf plants only grow on surface, so you know where to go. seeing copper as a blue dot is different, because that can be at any altitude underground

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isn’t it white>yellow>blue ?


See why it’s easy to get confused?

I have never seen Yellow, more of a whitish color but once the resource is gone there it’ll be black not Dark Blue.

If you start on the surface and go up or down depending on the resource it’ll get brighter the closer you are to it and darker the further you are

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Sorry this is the right one.