How do I use portal tokens

I know basically how the process works.

I got a token for the destination portal, which premade in a hub.

I know I have to build a matching portal, but how do I use the token to get it all working?

Place your portal conduit then interact with it from your side on pc press E
This will bring up a menu and allow you to insert the token and place the shards and activate
Note that your character will need the portal skill enabled to do this and if the distance is far you may need to add points into the warp distance skill where the planetary protections are

Your portal will have 2 slots in it, I find it quickest to just SHIFT click the token, and Oort. They will go in their right spots. And itll highlight the Open Portal button if you have the epic to open portals.

I don’t have the portal epic unlocked.

That’s why I’m not seeing the option.


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Also, if your portal is a 2x1, both it and the destination portal need to be north/south facing. If it is east/west you will get an 90 degree orientation that is not usable.

I unlocked the portal epic, but I’m still not seeing anything about a token when I press square (PS4) .

Is portal epic the correct skill?

Did you set your portal stones in at least a 2x1 stack?

Most portal hubs set up their 1x2 portals along a north or south wall to avoid this problem. You can activate from either direction in this case

If he set his side up east west it would still be an issue though.


2 high.
1 wide.

Facing N-S

No because 1x2 portals always open the destination N-S. So as long as the hub has the 1x2’s on a north or south wall there will be no issues.

Can someone post a pic of what I’m supposed to be seeing as far as the token goes?

The source portal (the one you put fuel and the token in to) can be W/E facing, right?

Yes, as i explained in my posts, the fuelling side can be E-W or N-S as long as the destination is N-S.

The destination portal will always open N-S.

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Ah ok, I always put them up the same because i thought it mattered on both ends.

Never mind

I made a newb mistake.

I was using warp conduit.

I didn’t know there was a separate portal conduit.

I don’t have any opals, so I guess my experiment is over for now. Lol

Sorry for wasting your time.

I am not at home right now but there are really only 2 slots for items in the portal one is the token and the other is oort shards

no worries!
at least now you know how portals work :slight_smile:

Not a problem, you know now when you do to put up an actual portal. Also, remember it is 50 shards to start and 1 per hour after.

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I’ll link this here in case you need help finding them, if not, maybe someone else does :smiley:

In short, cephonex merika, get an atlas, stick either opal OR cobalt fragment in it and you’re golden.