How do you handle expiring beacons in your settlement?

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Just wondering how it’s handled across the universe.
Personally, having seen a few beacons expire. I’ve taken to noting the player’s name and just looting the place. When/if they come back, I’ll hook them up with whatever they need to get back wherever they were.
How do you handle plot expiration within your settlement?

What I have done is 1. if I have enough plots I plot the person’s stuff and hold for about a month until when/if they come back. 2. if I don’t have enough plots I take their items and keep it in a holding storage area until when/if they come back. After a month I divide the items with my community. If the player comes back down the road we help them get back on their feet.

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It’s not on the settlement to make sure their property is taken care of. If you’re willing to that’s a plus in my book. It’s a risk reward thing if you play and don’t come back. If I didn’t play for months I wouldn’t blame my settlement mates for taking my stuff that’s one me

I know I don’t have to but I also know how much of a pain it is coming back and all your hard work is gone. If they do not come we divide the stuff with the community or keep aside to help any new comer that moves in. If they come back it’s a good deed done and they are happy that their stuff is saved. :slight_smile:

I just let it regen into wild. Maybe someone will come along looking to settle, and make something of the spot! =D

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I always regen bomb the spot. It’s my favorite part of the whole endeavor.

I’m a Caretaker, it’s literally my calling. Restore order to the natural world.
Nothing more restorative than an entire structure disappearing and turning back into a tree or a dirt hill @Crete

you check if you can find owner and if he cares
if nothing comes off it
you can do what ya want
is always good to store the stuff seperate for a while
you might make someone happy
that one unique person that made an oopsie and did not quit lol

i try to do the same, but there are ppl that roam all the cities and search cor expirings just to loot the stuff. mostly they are faster so i cant save it. for the towny that owned it. and then they come back an are sad and finally quit the game.

If it’s a build I want around, I’ll beacon it and claim the build for safe keeping, ready to return it to the owner.

If its empty land, a ‘starter setup’ or simply an unsightly build, I’ll grab any valuables then let it expire. I’ll return the goods to the player on their return.


I stand infron of the beacon… crying…
Just, crying for days…

Why?! I mean why?!?



I regen bomb them after grabbing anything useful. This stems from an ea build I did inside a mountain, 400 hours of work that I either wrote down the wrong fuel time for (have TBI so it’s highly possible) or something went wrong during the Beacon fuel changeover patch they did (less than likely since the wonderful devs looked at it for me).
But when I logged back in, and saw another player had grabbed my whole build and changed things around and messed up so many of the block placements (all facing the right direction or don’t place them! XD lol) and I just was so crushed by that. I would have felt 1000% better coming back to wilderness. Knowing that it was just a loss and that it rested as my fault for messing something up. Instead I had this sick feeling like all my stuff had been stolen and still feel slightly nauseated thinking about it now. So I do to these build what I would have wanted done to mine. Loot away sure, just vanish my work into nature. Don’t take and use its corpse… shudder
So my current plan if I ever do “leave” boundless (doubtful since gleam club is amazing) I will store my best stuff one my character and regen bomb my builds or give them to people who won’t desecrate their bodies. Lol