How do you integrate your world control to your build? (screenshot and idea thread)

thread for screenshots of where you placed your world control beacon to make it pretty

mine has a small altar structure over it, wooden latticed post with candles on each side



I hadn’t even thought about making a big deal out of this until you suggested it, so thank you for putting it on my radar!


I’m curious though can you move the thing like you do with Beacons?

I’d you do, your planet instantly blows up damaging every other planet near it.


Not really but it would be hilarious

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Yes, I have placed one down and then decided to moved it so just broke it and moved it and nothing changed


You dont need one after you have confirmed your colors and settings. Unless you want to make some changes like permissions and such there is kinda no need to have it placed, you can just break it and place it again to make the changes

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Why wouldn’t I be surprised… and knowing you you’d be right there with the :popcorn: :rofl::rofl:

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