How do you shop most of the time?

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Before I figured out that you could click on a shop name in knowledge I would wander shops and forever lose my favorite shops XD

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Same here. I do resource flipping (buy low sell high) as my main source of coin. I didn’t play much while it was down until the gleambow event. It’s really tedious to walk through 25-30 planets trying to find the best deal using the knowledge tab. And before the knowledge tab option, I remember just walking through Portal Seeker shop portals trying to find and memorize the best locations :rofl:.

Yup! I can usually make 100-150k coin in an hour (sometimes a lot more if there is a big one) doing this. Now that more people are using the BUTT tool and the knowledge tab, it is getting a bit more difficult as prices are getting more competitive.

To stay on topic and answer the OP’s question, I use the BUTT for most things and then use the knowledge tab to follow it up. That is when I’m doing serious shopping. Sometimes I will go to a mall (usually DK or Gyosha) and just use the knowledge tab in the mall. And every once in a while I will just browse a mall to see people’s creativity.


Just want to point out that even ppl that use BUTT, they still fall in the “Use knowlegde Tab”, as but just helps with not having to go to each planet and use the knowledge tab 40 times for one resource (that is what I was doing while it was down). But at the end of the day, you are still using the knowledge tab to get to it. (*I don’t want to undermine butt or go into details here, I am just pointing the main diff for this conversation)

I saw forums and discord being mentioned here. In my experience they work verry well to negotiate prices or heigh quantity of things (or even special orders of materials), but that dose not guaranty you will get the best price out there, BUTT or knowladge tab is still the place for those.


I used to hit up the forums all the time until BUTT

For a quick sell, usually use BUTT to find a basket with decent quantity and track it down. Buying usually depends on the circumstance. If I want a few oort I may just look in popular malls using the knowledge tab. Larger or bulk quantities of buy/sell normally go through discord channels.

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just became a butt believer but when i need something big i use forum

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How do you do when searching for a specific color?

If I need to buy resources in bulk amounts, it’s tight between butt/forums. When I want to roam a bit and visit shops to see if there is something that even I don’t need I will buy it, then I go ShowRoom.

Showroom is indeed looking cool and good organised… Yet i couldnt resist :wink: