How do you shop most of the time?

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The majority of the time when you go shopping, which of the methods below do you use? Please comment below if you have thoughts on the topic!

  • Use the Knowledge Tab
  • Use the BUTT tool (or other external shop tool)
  • I walk around and just look in shops

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I go to maybe 4 or 5 planets i think have lots of shops and then use the knowledge tab from there.


I use BUTT to figure out which planet to go to, then check the knowledge tab if it’s still there and set a waypoint, so both I guess? :smiley:


If I’m looking for something specific, I’ll either hit my favorite markets/malls first, and/or go to the mall/market wing of TNT, go through portals then search with the knowledge tab, see what it looks like then go take closer looks. But also do a fair bit of just wandering and browsing… I like shopping more in Boundless than IRL! :slight_smile:

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Lately, I just check gmall then ask my guilds if they know anywhere to buy the stuff if it doesn’t pop up.


BUTT first then knowledge


Couldnt choose 2 choices but i use knowledge tab and BUTT.

I still like Running in Circles and getting lost looking at all the Beautiful Builds


Your poll is missing options like forum, in game shop chat and discord :smiley:

I use BUTT and knowledge usually when I am after something basic good. This could lead then to buy something else from same shop or wander around mall where that shop was.

I use forum for locating some special shops that are forge or color related. Sometimes also earlier read forum topic of shop will make me do visit there later when I there is need.


Same here!

I use the knowledge tab, most of the time I go to DK mall if I am looking for something random because it’s closer, now I have started to use BUTT

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This information is very helpful. PS is looking to update their shopping experience to better align and make it easier to find shops.

the central design doesn’t seem ideal any longer. A planet by planet approach seems better.

Go to a planet > See there is something you want there > look over at the portals on that planet that lead to each shop


Main shopping hub to look in at all the stores

More votes! MORE DATA! heh


Lol @BabyCookie :heart: only person still doing it the old school way


I am Planning a Bones n Beans Shop at every Planet. So far i am just at the Start with the TNT Hub Planet and the Show Room, but try to expand as much as possible. I am focussing on Selling leafs, creature drops, orbs, Beans and glue basic. Nothing more.

Feel free to buy at my shop to Support the Project. :slight_smile: i also do some kind of a gathering Job. So i normally run around and buy those mats from other shops to bring it to one of the Bones n Beans Shop. (Even if the price is a bit higher) So there is no longer searching for all for those kind of mats and other sellers have an easy business with me.

In the Beginning it will be a bit minus business but i try to do a good Job dir the Community :blush:

Greetings :slight_smile:

My Main Ingame Name is ScarBuild if you want to pm me.

Yes! This is exactly what we were discussing in a thread yesterday. Doing something like that would be amazing. I know a lot of work would go into such a redesign and would be interested in helping with the hub system that I use so often, but I doubt I’d be trusted with something like that until I was in the PS guild for like months. We’re currently making our own little city in Sochaltin, but our portal is connected to Lamblis since the Sochaltin hub lacks signs and all that good stuff. Do keep me updated on what you guys decide to end up doing.

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I shop the lazy way… or… I let others do my shopping for me.

I just put money into a request basket for whatever I need and slowly increase the offered price until someone sells me what I need.


I rely on BUTT so much that I pretty much stopped shopping while it was down.


I love the way BUTT seems to kind of encourage players indirectly to deliver stuff to others when it shows cheapest buy and highest sell prices. I could look at an item on there, see someone is selling gold or something at 4c, see someone like you is requesting it at 9c, and just play the delivery game where I buy them up and deliver to the requester. You can sometimes get a pretty nice profit from doing it. Only downside is how request baskets can specify tint, but you don’t know that until you’re there, so you could buy a bunch of the item, travel all the way there, then can’t sell it at all.


Oh yeah I very very rarely actually buy anything that has a specific tint as I craft all my own blocks. I simply use BUTT in reverse, it means I pay maximum price for everything I want but to me it’s worth it as I have my baskets filling with the resources I need while I’m away at work for 5 days at a time and I dont need to spend any of my time off chasing after things.


I usually use my strong memory to find what i need because most of the time what i need is at the same place but sometimes i’ll use BUTT and the knowledge tab to help me :stuck_out_tongue:

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