How do you stop someone from continously hitting you in the face for minutes on end...?



So what does one have to do, to get someone to stop walking up to you and just stand there and hit you for minutes non stop in the face? Does not react to chat, or if you move / turn, he moves himself into the full camera view again to continue hitting you in the face.

Not the first time with this person, or his alts. Reported a couple times by now from my main account or alt account. Difference is just I guess the reports are not reviewed the same minute they are sent of course. So makes it harder to do something about, since I doubt it includes an action log about hitting another player in the face region :slight_smile:

So made a video of it now if any supporters wants it, the solution of just muting sound and going afk does not seem to stop him from coming back again. 3minutes of hitting, and no reacting to chat and moving to fill the camera if I turn around.



why should this comment even matter when you can get up and walk away? yeh ok the other guy is a total troll… there is a report function in the game for a reason :wink:

and if reporting is taking too long then PM one of the team here with the details of the player

one of the moderators once told me after i was overly obnoxious a few months ago on this forum - be careful… James can IP ban

That should also be true in game as well


I had a similar thing a few weeks ago. I acted as though they werent there and they went away after 10 mins. If you react in any way, they get the reaction they were after.


@Elsiekelsie tried multiple times already.


Hit him back to the face?


as i say above


hmm, how about a room that when he follows you in, you lock him in. Would give you 20 secs or so to get away from him whilst he goes to the sanctum.


@Elsiekelsie Tempting… but sure that is partially against ToC :slight_smile: And because someone is an ass, one shouldn’t have to lower one self to that level also, will just keep the spiral going.

@ToothlessGamer will try a post first, I am fairly sure being a supporter on here is spammy enough :smiley: and besides I have a video to hand to whoever of them that then dips their toes into this post. So time is not of importance anymore, he has done it often enough to get me to have OBS installed on the alt pc as well for whenever it repeats.


You can’t.

I’ve been harassed by such troll for weeks (finally he got bored and quit playing). First thing he was doing after logging in - was looking for me and starting his ritual: verbal harassment, then blocking building path, then constant hitting with a weapon (the longest was about 30 minutes). In the end I was banned instead of him for being stupid enough to go down to his level. He was neither banned nor suspended.

You can keep reporting him but it’ll won’t do much as it’s difficult to prove. The only way is recording videos and sending them by e-mails to: and keep your fingers crossed…


Whip out a fast digging implement, for whichever block they’re stood on…dig down three blocks REALLY fast, then plonk down a hard to dig block.

They shouldn’t’ve fallen down the hole! That’s my excuse.


That’s really what they’re looking for, conflict which is not part of this game. It will only encourage them to do more. Its really needs to be properly addressed with regards to the code of conduct.


I really dont get why people enjoy trolling others.
Seems like such a waste of effort.


I agree… especially in this game… its like a house fly buzzing in your ear


people are strange…


PM me their character name and the location of your home beacon.