explain your guild system

Please share your system with me i wanna learn how you guys using it.
im still clueless on most off my guild systems need see some samples
make it simple
i wonna learn and see what people have come up with so far

dreaming off different type off guilds

builder guild
hunter guild
market guild
etc each made for what the people use it for

here’s one example i made myself

i run a mall off 12 beacons
made two guilds market 1 and market 2
each beacon (shoproom) is linked to a faction in one off the two guilds
thats how i manage the mall in the embassy hub
it allows me to stored away(for pick up whenever) stuff off inactive players and reuse rooms on the fly
the footfall goes to the guild and gets divided equally our the members can decide to invest in mall portal link
havent tested the new locks yet so i might improve my system if they are handy ou r offer new options