How does death Penalty work? Because it used to be 50,000 xp now it’s 20,000, does it change after level 50?

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I don’t have the epic skill that reduces it so I’d like to know how it works.

For the next 20,000 exp you gain, you’ll gain it at 50%. So if you open a 10,000xp coffer, you’ll only get 5000 of that but it will count towards to depletion of the debuff :slight_smile:

Edit: It maxes out at 20,000 (which is what it stays at, at level 50. It starts are level 10 (?I think) then with each level the amount gets bigger and bigger till I reached 20,000 limit. And it doesn’t stack, so if you have a fresh debuff, feel free to die with no extra penalty


It’s 10% of xp points needed for the next level.


I don’t think it is ever 50k. Maybe it was 5k?

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Seems like it used to be 50k back in the day… I could be wrong but 20k seems low

Yeah it was 50k before. At some point it was changed. I noticed it was 20k a little while back and thought when did they change that.

It’s been 20k (10% of XP to next level) since before i started.

20k is effectively pretty low for a level 50+ character. However, due to how the damage works for monsters right now and the way a lucky crit from a wildstock or hopper can kill most characters specced with all defense skills, I think it should stay that way for the time being.