How does water physics work?

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I do not understand them at all, I do not know if this is considered normal or if it is a failure. Where can I get information on how the fluids should behave in the normal game (not including the testing version) to know what can be done and what not?

There is no inf water like in minecraft.
If you place a block in the water, the water will not come back once you remove it.
You can place water on water like a normal block.

I hope they tweak the water physics a little. Im talking about how water reacts when certain chiseled blocks are around. The kind of chiseled blocks where water should be able to pass normally through, around, or over depending on the way its chiseled. I dont know how to explain it lol

This looks more like the blocks under the water are plotted and the ones where the water is are not.


I have not used the water blocks or tools to break the water that, from what I have read here, is in the game, I think in the testing version. I have only tried to put and remove blocks of stones or mud, make pipes to try to know the physics of water before starting to design an area to grow crops. My intention was to get to know the logic that the fluids use in the game. However, I get nothing, water has sometimes behaves in one way and other times in another. I can create pipes, but sometimes water flows through these channels and sometimes not. I do not see the logic. They do not behave as fluids in real life, nor as solids. Instead of flowing through a channel that I have created, it seems that there is a black hole at the bottom of the planet that attracts them with great severity and cuts off, sometimes filling the hole they have as a base and sometimes not. In the testing version, are water physics better prepared? Is there a tutorial on how water works and what we can do now? How does it affect whether there is a beacon drawn or not? To not waste more time trying to do things that are not going to come out by the game’s own programming.
It is possible that it is because of the marking of the beacon since I do not have all the layout …

stop by my farm, I have an aqueduct where I channel water to the crops, it’s not a big deal but it can still help you

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Well, I think I’ve already got the hang of it, this is my first self-sufficient garden prototype with a functioning irrigation system. Thanks @Pikario, seeing an example has helped me. And thanks @FayaAOP, I did not know about the incompativility or problems that arise when you do not have everything plotted, it has also helped me a lot to solve the problems I had.

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Glad i was able to help.
Your farm looksgood :slight_smile:

thanks to you for coming to see my construction