How far down can we dig?

I was thinking about building something large underground, so I’ll have to dig deep. My area already stands at y=71, so does that mean I can go 71 spaces down?

Is there also a stopping point or will I fall through the world if go the 72th space?

If you want to see what’s down there the easy way, go to the capital of Melfig and across the bridge, past @ardos beacon, there’s a cavern in the mountain that goes ALMOST all the way to the bottom. What will happen is you’ll hit bedrock, and I’m pretty sure you can’t dig through that at all.

I did not know there was bedrock. Thank you.

Does that bedrock appear at y = 0?

I’m not certain of all instances and veins of bedrock, but in the screenshot I took, it starts at 3.90, so 4.

Ok, good to know, so I’ll have at least 67 blocks below me before bedrock. That should be more than enough space.

Good luck. I hate digging. With a passion.

you have to go into a zen mode it helps so iv been told XD

OR do like i do and embraces the insanity lol

we dug our mines in folva to the deepest point and it is between y=4-6 you cant get lower than that because there is some black rock you cant mine yet.

So far, the craziest thing I’ve done is drain all the water nine blocks deep out of a circle with a diameter of 100 blocks.

But digging still sucks worse than this.

Digging is not that bad… Removing stone or granite is. :tired_face: