How far out is farming


Is their a testing release coming up soon? Or is it still a few months out? Would like to see how this dye system ties into the game or if their still needs to be a few machines developed to mix the dye with the base resource after the farming update drops. Well I just hope we dnt get another recolored machine to perform more crafts. I would like to see something different. Like a metal caldron that you melt gleam in or rocks in and then toss your dye in or just something different.


Too far. :frowning:


There’s exo planets to come first, and if they stick to their suggested plan of ‘content update then qol update’ cycle, farming is probably a full cycle away, so I would guess at least 4 weeks.

This is pure guess work on my part, but I don’t think it will be any sooner than that!


My question hasnt been yet answered so we will see


could be even longer the that cuz they are sneaking in a total prestige rework first


Features are developed in parallel.

The Prestige change has been waiting for a release for a couple of months. We were looking at it since before the first devlog post asking for comment.

Releasing the Prestige change doesn’t effect the Farming update.


awesome :slight_smile:


Which is roughly… :smiley: aaaaaand here’s another teaser?! :smirk::wink:


I’d imagine a few machines to do the process. Extractor to get the colors out, probably a mixer to get it into an applicable state then either the refinery or workbench to apply it to a block. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a compactor state at some point just because :joy:


Have to be able to make Water and Lava blocks for farming. Plus the new art we saw for the spitter watering can.


You mean use sponge or bucket to grab it from the corresponding lake!


I personally would not be surprised if the water can took sponge and a bucket as requirements for crafting it lol


No based on comments James made we may get water and lava source blocks. Even if I decide not to farm, those will be nice to have in building.


So next update? Lol. Also. What’s the chance I could have permanent fog at Reapers Respite.


Well, estimation is easy to make, this is what I came up with a while back, changed with info in mind of what’s public:

  • QoL release next week with prestige changes
  • week after in testing we get either the warp wraith or exo worlds
  • week after that they release that
  • in testing more QoL updates
  • they release those
  • then the other not yet release non-QoL thing (wraith/exo) in testing
  • then they release that
  • then more QoL
  • they release that
  • then finally since everything is done from the roadmap can we expect farming in testing!
  • week later released

So 10 more weeks at the latest!

But who knows, some things might appear out of nowhere… :wink:


I’m hoping the wraith and exo is same patch


Someone said farming requires daylight, what does that mean i was really hoping to create a multi leveled farm.

Does sunlight mean just day time, or the plants have to be exposed to it directly? Does that include anything grown with lava?

Does rain have an effect on irrigation, rains alot on some worlds.

I personally would not mind an extra composting machine, for all that food and foliage that just sits there :slight_smile:

As for a guess, i am thinking a seperate block put on top of soil/water/lava which will have componets for a plant mixed into it after being processed in the machine, just shooting some ideas in the dark :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, a composting machine to dump masses of raw earthyams in to.


What are exo planets?

sorry, late to the game :laughing:


From the roadmap James posted a while back

  • Special Worlds: Exoworlds will shortly start visiting the Boundless universe. These are worlds that enter the universe temporarily, orbiting around another world, before vanishing never to be seen again. Expect a constant stream of new worlds to explore, filled with resources to harvest, unique colours to snag, and a playground for future features. There’ll be no regen or beacons on these worlds so once they’re exhausted you’ll be ready for another. Exoworlds will also include the first Level 7+ Rift, Darkmatter and Blink worlds. A new challenge awaits, but only until you or they expire…