How I Really Feel!

Small correction, I meant Larian games and Baldurs Gate, not Star Citizen and CIG

Monumental has told us (as recently as last month), that the transfer of ownership is still not complete. I wouldn’t expect a company to build a dev team for a game they don’t fully own yet

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@UmbraVictus Someone asked me how I really felt, so I explained how I felt. You nor anyone has to agree with me or my views and I’d totally understand that.

I was playing the game for 2 years well before Monumental was in the picture (I think). It was more than obvious James had given up on Boundless, for 2 years nothing was done… not that I personally felt it was needed, but there was a patch they working on and since the community had no idea what was happening it allowed everyone to make assumptions, both good and bad ones.

Those assumptions led to a good amount of people leaving and when you compound people leaving because of no communication, with people leaving due to no management of beacons and griefing, and the fact nothing new including the lack of holiday exos it takes its toll on the game.

I congratulate James on the sale of Boundless I do, that’s huge and any artist that can sell their painting for a huge profit is a big deal. I can’t talk bad about the person as I don’t know him, however I can talk to his poor communication practices. That being said, I’ve expressed all of this in other posts…

Here is where I’ll draw the line and exit my thread. Monumental is most likely tied up in transferring ownership and I imagine that would include dealing with Sony on the Playstation side of things, it may even include figuring out how to develop on the PS side of things. I am not 100% sure on any of this, but feel free to reach out to support and maybe even Tiggs on any of that. Heck it could all be on James at this point I dunno.

All that said, Monumental for me has been very active, not so much on the development front, but listening and reacting to griefing and some other in game/forum issues. They have also been very generous, at least towards me to questions I have in regard to what’s going on.

Fiffer12 said what I would have said…

I would hope that Monumental updates us on the transfer progress monthly or something, but we’ll see.


@majorvex @Tiggs you can close this thank you!

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