How many Avatars per account?

Basically, are we one avatar with unlimited options for advancement, or multiple Avatars limited by skill point availability.
Is my explorer/hunter also my craftsman or does he bring mats back to my beacon for my crafter toon to assemble.
Thus, will my homebound crafter be able to utilize the advanced tier mats the explorer is able to reach or will he be limited to the materials he himself can acquire?

Of the two options, which is preferable? Why?

I’m hoping I can do everything with one character, but of course be really difficult to be a Jack of all Trades, while rewarding specialization instead.


No limits for each character but bonuses through specialisation (reached with time spent on each activity, so not limited by skill points for example)

make it take a ton of time to do ‘‘all stuff’’ if not just limit it, not the ‘‘i played 12 hours i am now a master of everything’’

but we need alts/toons of some kind to play different races.

also i like to have a character to solo on and then 1 to play with my friend.

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What I would like to see is the same # of avatars as # of races. That way you could play a character from each race and have the opportunity to experience all the different racial perks. Beyond that characters should be fairly unlimited in what they choose to do. (I.e. mostly Skill and creativity based instead of stat based)

What if Races were purely cosmetic? Would you still need lots of Avatars?
Meaning Race choice didn’t make you who you are, but personal playstyle did.

Playing Devils advocate here…

They said that racials will be a big part of your playstyle, some might be able to climb, some might be able to place 2 blocks for the price of 1 and so on.

they are not going to be purely cosmetic :smile:

but even if that was the case, yes i would like to be able to start a new char. i dont care for the ‘‘you are able to master everything’’ that much if i want to play with a friend.

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For financing issues they could do it like guild wars: let the players have enough slots for characters to have fun (at least as much as races ingame) but give them the possibility to get more slots for some money. I know that many ppl dislike such ways of earning money, but Oort has no subscription fee (if you don’t want to have an own server), so it would be a good way I think (I bought over ten slots in my 4 years of gw game play :wink: )

i personally dislike that too, but if i can have enough slots to start with its not too bad, in TSW (sorry to mention it again) you can unlock all skills and therefore you can only have 3 character slots (cause there are 3 factions) so if you say 6 character slots and then the ability to buy more i would be up for it.

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Never feel sorry for that. TSW is a great game and I loved to play it for a while as well ;D

But yeah, as long as you don’t feel limited with the initial slots you have it would be not a bad idea to be able to purchase more for money. I prefer this way of financing a lot more then purchasable skins or items. In Guild Wars 1 I had 23 Character slots: 10 fpr each main Class in PvE, 10 for each in PvP, 1 for The Alliance Arenas, 1 for the Heroes Ascension Arenas and 1 just for have random fun ^^

yeah if its in that scale. but some games only allow you have to have 2 characters or something, which is REALLY frustrating.

PS: neeed more discussiiiooons, everybody is sleeping and its freaking silent on the forums >.<

but problem is that 73% of people who answered the survey #2 said that they didnt want real life money purchases, although they described it poorly by writing ‘‘i want shortcuts!’’ which is just P2W xD

yapp … p2w or “special items/skins” are a whole different thing that nice to have slots or servers :wink:

I never use alts so I don’t really care^^ (At least for the number of charas)

But if someone wants to play multiple avatars then they should be able to do that to some extend. But only if that doesn’t give them anything I couldn’t get with only one chara. (Not sure what that could be but just saying^^)

And yes I want to be able to do everything in the game with one chara. Not in 12 hours or a year but eventually.

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I also would like to ( eventually) be able to do it all. If races have specific benefits, and characters are skill capped preventing one from doing it all. I guess being able to have multiple avatars on an account would be a fine solution.
Though, I also would like to be seen and known. “Oh hey, there is Bootlegger, I was on a tier 3 the other day and he saved my ass from a bunch of protectors!”
Rather than needing a bunch of randomly named toons to discover all of the skills possibilities. and getting lost in obscurity.

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