How many hours. .


lol hehe :smiley:


2.7k for me - slowed down considerably around 2 months ago, before coming back to more intense play last week; still managed that much, although that goes back to EA times (before portals were introduced lol, funny times)


and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon,.


Not quite as many as other people. But I also don’t AFK too much in the game. And I started playing in September of 2018


Also to the horror of some, I am not leaving anytime soon.



Nice time capture :smiling_imp:

(Combined with fortress name!)



PS4 here too. It’s got to be over 1000 tho



I’ve got rookie numbers compared to yall lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve been playing since it’s release in September, first few days not so much, then I got hooked and started playing 10 to 16 hours a day.

So I guess between 2220 and 3500 hours…


1344 hrs put in BoundCrack here. (Most I’ve ever put into a game) Only afk time is bathroom or cooking meals.

Next on steam, was fallout 4. With 171 hrs! Haha!

Notable mentions are final fantasy: a realm reborn, and Skyrim. Each with roughly 1000 hrs each between ps3 and pc.


3k today


Just passed 700 late last week here :grin:
Not really a measurable amount of AFK, Less than 10 hours afk for sure. And my official “start time” was like 3 days after public launch in Sept. last year.

Wow still has more hours since my “main” on there has more play time by himself, but Boundless is quickly gaining ground.



Been many years since I played wow but did try to look up how many hours I played that but I think you still actually have to log in to the game and that ain’t happening (not subscribed ofc and numerous accounts)…did play it quite a bit (!) the first 6 or 7 years it was out though so not knowing is probably a good thing :sweat_smile:


They measure in days, not just hours. so converting my 700ish gets to about 30 days of time played. I know my first main topped 30days back in Wotlk easily, I’ve had 3 other “mains” since then, and at least one surpassed the original in time played. So I know I have at least double my boundless time no question, probably triple, but as I bounce back and forth (typically spending more on boundless, but wow has sucked me back in to an extent the past week) its not gaining as fast as it could.