How many hours. .


Just outta curiosity. . . How many hours have you spent in boundless. . . . . ?


I may be the AFK Queen. . . But still. . .


I couldn’t tell you. Ps4 players aren’t told. And I’ve asked for it to show on the character screen since I know they have the data for it. But nothing yet. Still hoping one day I’ll know.


Not as much as you, but recently this many:


At the moment it’s actually 738 hours though. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also wish my browser was that tidy. I have several hundred tabs open)


Wow, Bunky. You played for a few hours then huh?

In comparison, I’ve only played a few minutes since September lol.





my self 1K Hr’s in early access and 57 Hr’s release


Daaaaang @bunky8604 !!! :trophy: :star2: I am a Boundless noob compared to you! :rofl:



I think only a third of that is on live.


That’s a ton. Mines since January 2018.


3136 and 799 on my 2 steam accounts


I’m pretty sure I’m around the 3k area. @james by chance could you let me know how many I have :pleading_face:


I think mine says around 1,800, but I take off 500 because sometimes when my back hurts and I go to lay down for a hour or two or three I forget to quit the game. Or pause to hunt up something for hubby and it takes longer than I though so she is stuck in the sanctum.

So it could just be 1k hours


I’m an afk queen too. I walk away and leave game running all the time. Lll


Think i have around 600-700 hours.


Over 2000 hours. Way more if i would to include 2 other accounts, but no timer on them :stuck_out_tongue: Total probably around 4k hours or soT_T


Damn gotta love that polish steam


why ? :smiley: is there anything special u see? :smiley:


Still loving it :slight_smile:

And one for the “Boundless feels like a second job” posters:


Words just looks cool.