How many new worlds for opening day?

How many new worlds do you think they will add for September 7 and then on September 11?
All starter tier 1 and 2 worlds?
Or also how many higher tier worlds?

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3 starting world’s, 4 higher tiers :smiley:

Probably more I feel like xD

I hope they just double the planets and may be give us at least one of a higher tier then we have now per region, may be two :wink:

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If they have 100,000 new players, at allocating 100 players per world, that would be 1000 new worlds!

Do you think that many new worlds would all get connected to the portal network the first day?

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I hope they use docker, combined with kubernetes to scale up the environment :smiley: .
Maybe the bigger problem is to generate individual world parameters for color, ressources and generation. I am excited, how private planets and dynamic growing universe will be looking like.

yes. . the Portal Seekers are very very dedicated. . I am kidding of course. The PS are dedicated but the Oort to do that would be ridiculous.

37,452 players joining on official release day.

From A Trustworthy Source.

System will generate a special Launch Day World called Alpha Tutorial XXVI-D to accommodate them all.


Your glass sphere told you? :smiley:

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As you know glass block is a cube and you can’t chisel it.


That’s okay, as long there are enough blocks to chisel in the wide open world #expBoost

how many worlds will be when game release ?

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Worlds are based on demand and user count. So at this point they likely do not have a number or ever will. They plan on adding more as needed.

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I am hoping for a universe so vast that the outer rim will be a place where you may not see another player for ages. hundreds of worlds would be my dream come true.
I know new planets will be made when the population gets to a cirtant size but another cool factor to add to that equation could be how many portals there are. when to many world become discovered it would be nice to add new worlds then also. so that there is always a frontier.
in my mind you can not have to many planets.


I don’t think there’ll be enough planets to begin with because if their aim is to have 100 people per planet then having even 10,000 newcomers would need 100 planets, all of which would need their own personalised environment and unique names for each region.
Somehow I doubt portal seekers would be able to cope with that without a lot of help


Guess portal seekers would just have to recruit another 10,000 people to help hehe

Edit - just realised that with enough people we might actually get to the point of a never ending hunt… it just keeps roaming and people join or leave as they go :scream:


A vast majority of new players to a mmo always join the generic guild that recruits anyone to bolster numbers.

Yes, they have already created test universes to test scaling, and the platform they are using is scalable as they come. They are ready.

It’s only a limit of 100 people on a planet at any one time. As long as those 10000 players were not all playing at the same time, it could be a lot less planets required.

Also think about that many of those new players will not play for long and leave after a while, so if there are to much worlds it may get kinda empty later again :confused:


then the empty beacon exploring begins XD

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