How many plots should I have?

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I am currently level 18 and have only 7 available plots. I have collected all my coffers. Last time I played I had way more. Is this normal and are you still supposed to get plots per level?

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You have to use the cubits you get from coffers to buy the plots (or other things).


Welcome to the forums! Soju is right; You have to use the cubits you earn every level to get more plots. You can buy cubits for real money, but I personally do quite well with just the levelling-earned ones.
You earn more Cubits every level, up to 300 Cubits per level obtained once you reach level 50.


Hi Sam, like the others said, you need to use cubits to purchase the plots. You get cubits every time you level and for other in game milestones.

Open the menu and look for ‘exchange’. Its the place you find your coffers.

If you tab to the right, you can see things available to buy with the cubits you earn, plots, outfits, paint and extras.


I know you can buy plots with cubits and how to buy plots and cubits. I was looking for clarification that receiving plots on level up was removed and that my available plots being reduced from like over 80 to 7 was supposed to happen.

You were never given plots by levelling up. Not since it released in September last year at least. No idea how it worked in Early Access…

If you open your inventory then bottom right, what does it say?
Should say something about xx/yy plots, where xx is the number of plots used and yy the total number of plots you have bought using cubits.

Buying plots using cubits is the only way to get plots…


If you played during EA we got plots for level, which is what I think you are talking about. Now we get a set amount of cubits and you need to go to the exchange to turn them into plots. It made it so people could pick their level up reward via cubits instead of just getting plots.

Edit: The cubit reward at level 50 is the same as 10 plots per level before in EA. So it equals out pretty close over time.


And to add on top of this if you are level 50 it takes 200,000 exp to get 300 cubits per level gained beyond level 50

Lvl 18 and just 7 plots doesn’t seem right unless you spent your cubits on alts, vanity items and or kits.

How ever if you didn’t use your cubits they should be there.
Like @AeneaGames said check your inventory (xx/yy plots). You can’t place more then you have and might have a missing beacon somewhere with your plots (i had 2 missing beacons a while back that i had forgotten where about 150 plots unused).

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The total number of plots you previously got up to level 50 (and above) is equal to the number of plots you can buy with cubits up to level 50 (and above).


Welcome to boundless!

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