How much for forged blink slingbows?


With the way I know how to forge rift it is expensive. So you must know a better way to do it.


Boon boost helps a lot when forging them


So how much for you to forge 5 slingbows for me with damage 9 at a minimum (assuming I provide the blink slingbows), just out of curiosity

I can also provide you the refined blink and other materials too if you prefer that instead.


We have some blink slingbows with damage 10 for sale at the Golden Fist for 19,999c.


@Vansten did you want these without defect and quirks?


As long as the quirks dont negatively affect action speed or damage im ok - same for defects (dont care about crit chance / crit damage)


Lol, I meant more for the price point.

Collecting everything yourself does “cut down” on costs, but then it wouldn’t be the actual market value, which is what I thought he was asking about.

Doing it Pro Bono or even partially Pro Bono is absolutely a nice thing to do too though.


Soooooooo close!!! :sob:
I’m setting it tho…this is still a great sling :joy:
Edit: This alt only has max power. And all attribute bonus +5
Also, the energy is still “backwards” it should show that as -4 energy not +4.


I’d have to agree with that other post on this one, the cost in materials really wasnt that high, even if I were to buy what I used. Maaaaaayyyyybe 8k in materials. Factoring the cost to produce the sling we’re talking about 15k tops for this sling, and that’s making a profit of between 4-6k


This is what you are looking for right?


You have quirks tho. I’d never use it lol. But as I said the way I know is expensive. But the way I know will get you 480 rank not 290.


Correct! But I got a buddy whos gonna sell me the same thing for less than 15k. Il take em off ya hands if you can beat his price though.


And now I’m most intrigued. I didn’t realize boon boost helped that much!


In combination with fate paste it definitely does help.


I’m still going to say @Aridhol and my price figure was biased on max forge not 280/290. So if someone knows how to max forge at a decent price care to share.

Also sorry this comment is slightly off topic


You’re right, mine is based on max damage and near-max in two other stats. I could probably re-evaluate my price a bit for making less intense gear… but that’s not really my thing. I make big, custom fit forges, I don’t really want to make bulk lesser gear. Quality > Quantity for me personally

Edit: Which I understand isn’t really what the OP wanted, so works out fine for someone else to fill the order