How Portals Changed Boundless

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This video is largely targeted at older players to invite them to come see how much things have changed, and those that haven’t bought yet. But you might get a kick out of it too. Cheers.


I love your voice, man. Soothing.


I also love portals for how they connect people!
I like to have my main base in the middle of nowhere but i’m still only seconds away from major cities.
Awesome Video!


It was single biggest change in Boundless. And devs admitted they were surprised how many portals have been created since their introduction.


First portal in Boundless history :smiley:
They really changed the game.


I’m really surprised they where introduced that late (judging by the interface and characters).
They were already in the tech demo video that sold me on the game back in 2014:


Because they were manually placed pre-linked entities in config files on the servers at that time, the complexities where in having the protocols and systems in place to let them actually be made in-game by players properly (especially as there is no server-server communication) and be scalabale for the servers


@lucadeltodecso I noticed that portal preloading went away compared to the the statics. I assume it is a client side resource issue that prompted the change. I have wanted to ask you about it.

  1. On currently high end hardware is it possible to load them all much further back so you don’t see the load like with the static ones.

  2. Is this something that can be accomplished with optimizations later on?

  3. In the current game are these setting automatically adjusted based on my hardware, or are they statically set.


Yeah I had the same thought the portals is the core to make this game an mmo connecting servers and players. The really cool thing about it is that we as players are in total control of all the connections. The devs gives us the tools but it’s us players who build the city’s, roads, portal network’s. In some way we are building one part of the game.


Great video! Glad you’re back to making boundless videos, keep them coming!


Oh my god. I lived next to you when I played last year! :joy:
It was the little unfinished (probably and eye-sore) metamorphic stone house.

Nice to finally know who my old neighbor is I guess.
Here’s a screenshot I took of your house from April 2017, nice progress btw!


In the options set

  • Portal Resolution Scale = 100
  • Portal Render Quality = same as main render
  • Sum Portal World Detail = 200% ( or 100% * Maximum Open Portals)

The client still has to create the meshes for the world so that will take some seconds but once its there it should be the same.

In places like towns there can be dozens of portals so your cant load all of them, its too many connections for the servers even if your PC could handle dozens of worlds (each world can be 1gb on the ultimate settings plus the cpu load per world/area).