How should health regeneration work?


I just thought a bit about the health regeneration you would/should have later in the game. There was a topic on which people talked about this issue (I think it was in the topic about survival), but because it’s a quite important question I’m making this post.

How do you think the health should regenerate in the game, if it’s finished?

I personaly would prefer a slow constant life reg modified by the hunger of your character. So if you are well fed you will get about 1% per second. If you are getting hungry it goes down to 1% per 10 secs before it stops if you are starving.

For me it would be good if health is also not instandly healed with potions or something similar. I would prefer if there is a raised reg over time. For example a small potion gives you 3% per second for 10 seconds and a medium one 5%. A large on can heal you for 10% per sec. On this way you would counter potion spamming mechanics while not limiting the use of the potions with a cooldown.

May be that there will be other ways to heal you or others instandly (for example with a tool or skill), but that should be limited by a cooldown and/or a high cost of energy.

Your thoughts?

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I don’t want instant heal potions or foods or anything, but things that increase your rate of healing. When no items are active, the healing rate is miniscule; when a food item is active, the healing rate is mildly increased + minor buffs of some sort; and when healing potions are active, the healing rate is increased moderately or substantially.

Of course the rates could be tweaked, but I like the idea of gradual healing rather than instant gratification. I believe it would lead to realistic/original/challenging gameplay.


I agree with most of this. Your idea of potions would be pretty good because It would allow people to heal themselves while not requiring a healer, but it would still keep a healing class relevant. Though I suppose it might devalue a healer class which would be bad.

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Well, I think there will be no fixed classes but flexible builds which players can become by equipping special items or skills, so nobody needs to be a pure healer. Healing equip can still make a great difference, especially when there is no instant healing though consumables. May be the highest rate will be 5% per second. On this way everybody would be happy with some extra healing through party members :wink:

yeah that would be my post.

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ah, yeah, that was it ^^