How to add a custom crosshair

If you are making one yourself make sure the image size is 32x32px and you save it as a png.
I use a program called PyxelEdit but Photoshop or even Microsoft Paint works too (idk what you Mac heathens use)

It can really be anything as long as it fits into the canvas but make sure it takes up most of it or it will be hard to see it in-game.

After you get done making your crosshair save it as a png and rename it to this: 15144352157867291865_uyTSuH79P_vFlPkNsgSdYKGI6DGaNLW5z6NA52mWAw541

Now just simply replace the original crosshair image file with your beautiful new one. The crosshair file should be in these directories:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\STEAMUSERID\324510\local\static-cache
Mac Scum:
~/Library/Application Support/Steam/userdata/STEAMUSERID/324510/local/static-cache/

(You may have to sort through and find the original image in future releases as the name will apparently change)

Now just load up Boundless and it should be there.

Here are some premade ones If you dont feel like making one yourself.

I just had fun messing around with it and I thought I would share with you guys.


Great, thanks for your effort :slight_smile:

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This is cool.

[FYI the hashed filename is generated during the game’s building process. It’s possible (and likely) in future releases it’ll be called something else.]


Very nice, zeathoros!

Do I sense a slight appal in using certain computation devices. :wink:

I have no idea what you are talking about *cough pc master race *cough


@james Would it be possible to customize the compass in the top right corner? I thought I had found the file but modifying it produced no results.

a be a bit off topic at the moment, but will there be add-on support ?

A couple of pointers for you:

The static-cache folder is a Static Cache. It contains the output from the game’s building process. These files are considered Static in comparison to Dynamic files that could change every time the games requests them. As the game updates, additional new asset and updated variations of the assets are downloaded and stored here.

There is a file called mapping_table.json that contains a mapping from the source asset name to a form of the output name (pre-download hashing).

With the above in mind - you might have edited an older iteration of the compass asset. Check the mapping table for the most up to date version. Try changing this.

I’m having trouble finding the mapping table. Searched my entire drive and nothing came up.

Search for *_mapping_table.json it’s in there.

Does someone want to make me a Shyguy crosshair?

@james I have tried every search variation I can think of with no results. Maybe this file only exists in your miiiind (~O_O)~

The game can’t start without this file. To confirm there is a unique number at the start of the filename, so you need for search for a file ending with mapping_table.json. (Sorry if this was / wasn’t obvious - but it’s not always obvious how technical everyone is.)

Im feeling pretty silly that I cant find that file (dont judge me :cry:) . I did manage to find some interesting things in there tho.


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For example, the file is called: 15542573118179132483_mapping_table.json for me.

I understood what you were saying the first time. And wouldn’t searching even part of a file name find the whole file anyways? Its simply not there. If you don’t believe me you can have a look yourself.

What folder are you looking in?

Which folder should I be looking in?

Ok. I’ve realised that I was looking at some older files rather than you. My mistake. Sorry for wasting your time. It seems the hashing has evolved in this folder.

However after tracking down the mapping table with it’s hashed name - it’s still not trivial to track down the original asset you’re looking for - because there are quite a few layers of asset hashing.


This is really cool!