How to best setup permissions for guild members for these situations

I want to setup a communal hall where members can access use of machines. It seems Worker privilege rights will allow for this. However, my only concern is possible theft from members taking resources from other members when items are being built in the machine. How to best prevent this?

Moreover, what is the best way to allow for members to donate resources to a depot/storage area w/o members taking from the same area?


Kinda curious as to how this could be implemented myself.
As for the donating rss i set up a request basket for oort stone donations offering 1c in return.
The players are all donating to keep our portal open and this was the best way I found to do this so far.
A donation basket or bin would be awesome imo.

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I’m not sure how that could be prevented with the current permissions. One way for people to donate resources would perhaps be to put out request baskets for the resources required and price them at zero, or if that’s not possible, price them at 1c perhaps?

EDIT: Sorry, didn’t see @blinvir post above. So it’s not possible to charge zero in request baskets? if the devs could make that possible, they could in effect become donation baskets :slight_smile:

Yeah 1c is the minimum for request baskets.

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I haven’t played with locked doors yet but is the permission system similar where you can give permissions to specific people? So maybe I have 2 communal halls separated by a locked door. And highly trust worthy people will use one while the others use the other room? It’s a small guild so I don’t have the issues of large 50+ members.

Is it 1c per unit? Or 1c per donation? Meaning you can donate 100 blocks at 1c?

From what I’ve seen and my own experiments if the player doesn’t have builder permissions they can’t access things that are locked, and you can place locks on storage blocks. However, I could be wrong about which permissions are needed to access locked things, it could be that they’d need all of the permissions.

In our guild, we create a channel in discord, anyone want to use public machines need to log on that channel.
So at least we can know who is using that channel and how long it takes.
Secondly we tell all the member there is the risk to use public machines, so better pick up their items as soon as possible.

1 per unit i think.