How to clear t7 meteorite

hello i did a t7 hunt with alot of people on the new blink exo world and everything just said armor repel it was the most intense hunt ive done and it was super fun but i couldnt do any damage and i cant find videos on builds and stuff can someone send screenshots or something of the skill trees and stuff you guys use for the high tier stuff? i would rather not be useless next time i was on revive duty XD

Certain slingbows do better on certain worlds for one you would want a pretty maxxed out bow that has high damage also. In the case of the T7 you speak of:

Best Bows

Rift | Umbris → Sapphire | Emerald

Secondly, having you skill tree setup to do damage helps also. This is mine and I am sure someone can correct me here if this isn’t ideal, but it is my mostly “glass cannon” build. That has the Slingbow Mastery and Slingbow Epic at max along with the Damage Epic at max.

You can also add Slingbow Damage augments to you slingbow and also drink potions and eat pies for Damage…crit…etc.


this is like exactly what i asked for thank you very much

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so is the focus and rage brew stuff not worth it? also the exploration would u change that with cleanse points and put points in the other one based on planet? i have alot of wasted points in exploration cuz idk whats neccesary

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Wisdom from @BabyCookie


My skill Sheets prob. Changed since then I have the bare minimum on DMG mitigation & HP now cause no matter what your gonna die from something 1 shotting you, I use Rage Brew & Focus Brew but not really necessary in big groups, Redlotus advice is better to follow “Correct”, doing T7 in a group is Different than doing Solo skill sheet wise, I found myself dying to lag & running into other players Alot in a group :joy::joy:/+ groups won’t like you using bombs if your making holes everywhere so slingbow is the way to go :joy::joy:

I’ll just add if you carry a blink bow there only good if there Shotguns, Single shot kinda useless :joy: