How to combat Many deaths on high level worlds?

This really isn’t an option because skill points are rare and at beginning levels you wouldn’t have them to put into here if you are trying to flush out normal character skills.

The devs have always been harsh and unrealistic on death results and need to adjust the penalty. We are here to have fun and play and not beat people up constantly when they die especially when it is a very common occurrence in this game. They need to adjust their mindset some and lighten up.


Probably but I think alts might be faster. a lot of grind (50 levels past 50) to get another 100 skill points for a compete skill set.

Some people might just say. . why bother and quit

Edit: After 4.5 hours of play. I finally got rid of the death penalty. I had a feat get me the last 3000xp. At least I did not have to mine for it.


so your saying the xp debuff is acculmative? or just increases at higher levels?

it is 10% of your level so at level 50 it is 20,000xp where you only get 50% of the xp for what you do. If you die again before you get through the penalty, it resets. . that is how I understand it.

yup ridiculous and massively too hard. We need a smaller number like a few percent and then an additional type of debuff…

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I don’t share you guy’s mindset. I believe that this may not be the good old days, but its something new, rule sets that are supposed to change the way we all play for better or worse.

this is not a game that you are supposed to do everything your self. So then you have to go with a more balanced skill set approach. You don’t need the highest dmg for mining. You don’t need the fastest building speed for the building. it’s convenient but not necessary to do it. there are no limits any longer for breaking blocks so you don’t need full mastery for that. combining the skills with good forged tools and weapons is the key to get a good balance build. I think you have to rethink a lot when you make a build. and face the fact that you won’t be able to do everything. It is a hard thing sometimes.

I belive its way better for the MMO aspect of the game and also the RPG aspect. its good for the economy, the only thing it’s bad for is the solo player that have the mindset that they will do everything in the game themselves from the start. sure this game allows you to play it like a solo game but in fact, that is not what its designed for, its an MMO in the core.

this doesn’t mean I think there is no need to be some balance changes. like the Xp for building and crafting. it really needs to be fixed!


then i do see your point and i used to think this way about this game UNTIL i learned the definition yesterday (for debates such as this)

Definition - What does Sandbox mean?

A sandbox is a style of game in which minimal character limitations are placed on the gamer, allowing the gamer to roam and change a virtual world at will. In contrast to a progression-style game, a sandbox game emphasizes roaming and allows a gamer to select tasks. Instead of featuring segmented areas or numbered levels, a sandbox game usually occurs in a “world” to which the gamer has full access from start to finish.

A sandbox game is also known as an open-world or free-roaming game.

found here

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You are right there are new rules sets and we need to decide how to use them and how they affect play. However, if we think is it for the worse, then we should speak up and if you think it fits the way you want to play, you should say so also.

I understand your point but the website indicates you can go it alone. Now if that means you can but will have a very limited experience, then the developers should say that. That will stop people from saying that they should be able to do it alone.

I will also have to say while the game has been described as a sandbox and a MMO, I have never seen a developer refer to it as a RPG. I know there are guilds supporting RPG play, but I do not think the game should be aimed that way unless the developers indicate they are changing the focus from Sandbox to RPG. I do not think those two things are really compatible in my opinion.


I totally agree with you should say something and then I think I should also say my way of it. I haven’t forced you into it. I just believe in the new way of doing things and i like it and there are ways around the problems you guys describe. and i think that a fun aspect of the game.

Sure bundles is a sandbox game but with some limitations and that so it fits into other categories like MMORPG

Isn’t the RPG Rol playing the game and as of the first skills update it fits into the RPG. even more so now, where you have to chose how to play the game. I even think Minecraft is some sort of RPG. it’s all about how you play the game. it also says so in the game tags on the steam store but that may just be user tags too.

Not all of us want to HAVE to play with people. The game should be able to support single and group based play. We have had this discussion many times and there are plenty of people that disagree with the forced group play approach.

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As i personally say… i get your point … because it fits into the name (an rpg/sandbox/mmo) but all i am saying is… if we are only going to be limited as we are with this new rule set then get rid of the sandbox part… because it is no longer a sandbox

  • you cant get to a higher world without the correct skills (not sandbox)
  • You have a skill list (not sandbox) not to mention those skills are HEAVILY limited now
  • you have levels (not sandbox)

This is my main point of the matter - the only sandbox we have kept are the open free roaming worlds

Maybe one of the devs would like to comment @Steggs101 @SamF etc?

Everything doesn’t need to be black and white

  • you can get to the higher world but you have to rely on other players or structures already build by other players. you can still get there.
  • yes skills limits you. but the new update limit you less than before as you don’t have masteries that you are forced to take to mine blocks
  • i have 245 levels and it doesn’t stop me from doing what I want in the game.

I’ve never in this game felt like I’m not able to play this game like a sandbox game, there are no stories to follow. there are no quest lines. there are no world boundaries that stop me from looking on the other side of the hill. I’m able to do everything in the game. there is a limit that you can overcome and by time and hardship. or ells it would become a creative mode in Minecraft.

What is the difference between NPC and Players? imagine that the players are NPC. would you then accept that you have to buy the item of that NPC because that is the game mechanic. would you use the portals because it’s the NPC portals and the devs have put that game, mechanic? I don’t see why the game would be any different with players only instead of NPC and a Dev build the world? you don’t need to talk to them. but its more fun to take to the players than NPC.

but I leave this topic alone from now on as this has maybe derailed a bit and don’t think it will lead anywhere.

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That’s because you HAVE those levels… and how long did it take you to get those levels? (the rough calculation with the new ruel set says from level 1 > 50 is ALMOST 6 months)

so your talking aprox 2 and a half years to be able to do almost everything that you want to do?

This is exactly one reason sandbox should be removed from the title ( a few major patches ago it only took me 5>6 weeks to get to level 50 … a month and a half… )

The item death penalty skills were a waste of points for the most part.

Got hit with some lava while mining but didn’t take anything to up your health? To bad! You’re dead now and lost 25% durability.

It just was bad design and made resource gathering builds very linear. It also made it mandatory to have for hunts because the creatures just spammed their AOE attacks all over the place for no reason.

I am okay with the XP loss as a penalty. It isn’t like you won’t be able to get it back. Plus it leaves plenty of room for other types of things to do with it like if you keep dying the XP loss stacks and you lose more from each death or there’s a debuff on XP gained. I don’t know… but it’s better now.

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Because NPC follow rules people do not. NPC show people do not. NPC are always there in game, people are not. You cannot in any way compare NPC to normal players and how they play.

I agree in wanting to have people play together but I think we need solo because many of us like solo play as well as teamed play. The game can accommodate both styles.

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this is why they are bringing out the private servers (your world/universe… your rules) if it works that way… but the question is how much would it be to rent or buy a server?

I certainly support the concept of private servers. I would like to have one so I can limit who can build and mine/gather while still following the rules of the universe and being able to move between the private planet and the rest of the Boundless universe.

My concern is that if the developers create too many limits and restrictions, more people will get private servers in order to change the rules. That takes these players out of the Boundless universe and we have empty space instead of a thriving universe. There is a balance someplace, but right now I think it has become too restrictive and grindy.

As far as the topic, I believe the only way to combat the deaths is to allow people to limit/eliminate the death penalty, otherwise they will not be going to the other worlds except as hunters. Which means no mining, gathering or building.


THIS is my main point exactly!!! (could someone please link this quote in to What puts you off Thread please? ( i have treid but cant figure it out) - if it needs to be linked ofc

And yes… to keep on topic… why not just get rid of the hassle altogether and do what WoW does (or similar) every time you die (after a certain level) you get an amor/weapon/tool debuff for X ammount of minutes

I’m not sure how I feel about the xp debuff yet. While mining on Andooweem I can get rid of it in about 10 minutes with a normal diamond hammer if I’m spec’d for mining. However my builder probably won’t ever get rid of it’s debuff, or it would take me a few hours of building to get it taken care of.

I would suggest a time limit, but then people would just log off whenever they die. Maybe lower it to a 5% instead of a 10% so it doesn’t feel like you have it forever. You would still want to avoid it, but it won’t make you feel like you aren’t progressing if you swim in the spicy marinara.

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I get the distinct impression that the developers feel a death penalty is a thing that must apply to you, and you MUST play through. They don’t like the idea of you taking a break while a death penalty expires.

I’m not saying I particularly agree with it, but I’d say that why we haven’t yet seen a time based debuff kind of penalty trialled yet.

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