How to combat Many deaths on high level worlds?

ok so im now level apparent for munteen… the only frigging hing (lol) which is killing me every XXXX second is the damn lava rivers!!! and every 5 mins = ***50% xp loss for the next 1,300kXP!!!

Update -

In regards to original post to return death penalty to item durability loss:

No thank you! Keep penalty as it is now. My well forged gear thanks you.

If you don’t wanna die, don’t go to higher tier worlds than you can manage. If you go to higher tier worlds you can’t manage, then don’t be upset when you die.

The penalty doesn’t stack, so surface gathering is a game of die rinse repeat on high tier worlds, but there’s no downside other than you will have to earn that xp back eventually

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traveling to dangerous areas too soon again? :joy::wink:


ok i get that… but i mean when you are hanging in a tree killing wildstock and then 2 mins later you get blasted by a spitters bomb into a lake… repeat… hang on a mountain killing things… get shot by a spitter… repeat… Have enough of all these deaths and try to quick foot it to the city to teleport out? grapple across lakes… JUST TO GET BLASTED BY 100 spitters because you forgot to make a location point! (this is lol more than anything… honest still annoying though)

My piont is i can more than handle it (im a friggin hunter LOL)

nah more like drowning in the red water… aGAIN! :stuck_out_tongue:

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sanctum, the closed portal - go somewhere else; heal rest than go pay off your xp debt;

btw at least it doesn’t accumulate - if you die many times in succession the punishment doesn’t get worse

No do not bring back item death penalty… instead… just work on adjusting the XP loss or bringing on another temporary character debuff. The item penalty was too extreme for people playing and effects the game too much around crafting items.


that would be nice… maybe to combat the billions of death runs the devs should implement a return to sanctum… bump warp to saftey OR bump to nearest portal only the bump to portal will cost?

(have the bump to portal as a secondary option under bump to safty - especially if your stuck by an uncrossable lave river!) - if you forget to save location point

but i finally found a portal in the wilderness Airship dock

Changed title to reflect what i am actually asking for

you actually do spawn a bit away from point of death now - its just if you are in an area with a lot of lava and creatures than it wont help that much; but you just manually evacuate yourself from sanctum to other saved location that is safe

My brother’s hunter is low 20s level and takes no damage on t3 worlds - invest heavily in armor and you become quite durable

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ok let me say this :)… so my actual issue was… i got launched into a lava pool… and i respawned on an island in the middle of uncrossable lava… bumping just kept putting me back on the same island… i took a running jump for as far as i could… and eventually got back to main land <<< was the main issue lol

There is lava armour now?

There isn’t lava armor (I don’t think, but there should be a lava resisance brew/food maybe?), but healing brews can get you across, as well as building a bridge with rocks, grappling, etc

*clarification: I am suggesting such a brew/food be created, I don’t think there is such already

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I realised my biggest issue…

I keep trying to play the game as if i know what i am doing and nothing has changed - i should give myself a mind of a nub again maybe?

Meaning so much has been changed/reversed/reorganized (and not all for the better - a lot has been improved yes… but others ^ UGHHH!)

Maybe a brew/stew that mitigates deat xp loss?

I honestly still don’t understand the death debuff and how long it lasts. Reapa11 is level 50 and died and it seems like it has taken days and he still hasn’t gotten enough XP to remove the debuff.

We should be able to play the game normally and not be forced to go into XP gain mode to remove a debuff and instead just get the XP via normal play.


hmmm… maybe put it on an official timer? or another kind of debuff (less dmg/less health regen etc) an xp debuff that you cant get out of kind of kills the game

I had a level 50 and was mining on vulpto. Fell into lava. Since my character is not spec,d to hunt I have been mining gathering and crafting. I am about 4-5 hours in and still have gotten through the effect. Probably another 30 minutes to an hour of mining. I think this is harsh and think it should be adjusted. It really is not “equal effort for Lowe and higher levels”. I am using an iron hammer on a level 1 planet to mine just to get xp faster. If I was a lower level I get the same do for each rock and ore mined and could be using the same tool. I agree this needs to be tweaked.


i think the problem is that there is an huge unbalnce between hunting, building, craftin, maybe even mining. where with hunts cyou can get rid the debuff less than an 30 min. but everything ells is taking hours to days and you probly die one more time before you get rid of the debuff.

Here is a tips

shadowstep epic + controll atribute will give you 94% agression range modifier. this will help you with less mobs attacking you.


I agree there has always been an unbalance with Hunting having the quicker way to earn xp. I think the death penalty has just emphasized it more. With the old skill tree I could have at least participated in a hunt to get most of the points. Now my character is a miner/builder and I do not have the health to be able to take the hits so it is not an option.

We might all end up being crowded on the lower tier worlds, afraid of the mobs on the higher unless we are hunters. At least people will not be lonely.


thats wahy we have skill sets i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

i would link this to what puts you off… but 1 i do not know how and 2 i don’t want to sound as if i am moaning about everything lol

I think what @Kal-El is trying to say… as a builder/miner/gatherer/crafter he wont want to risk/be able to reach higher tier worlds… because OF those skill stets… which HEAVILY limits a game which is supposed to be sandbox… (i hope he corrects me if i am wrong)

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