How to delete Char?


As the title say i want to delete my char. made some mistakes.


What kind of mistakes? There is no character deletion


well that is bad. im not quite sure, i used this money by trying to get to my home with a warp. Now i cant find my beacon. I have no clue how to play this game xD


If you have not delete the marker you should have a saved location to your beacon. Also you can just buy a new beacon if you can find a player hub.


And how do i get the money for that?


Leveling up. Mostly mining, cutting with an axe or digging.


Do you remember what world you started on? You may need to have someone port you back there. Once back your beacon should show up as an orange marker on your compas.
If however you dropped your starter beacon someone may have to give you one.
I am not going to be online for many hours. Is anyone available to help this guy out?


This forum shows something important. Perhaps the the importance of that beacon you start with isn’t emphasized as greatly as should be since you need it to build a crafting table. @luke-turbulenz you were the one working on the tutorial / objective improvements if I am correct. I don’t think this is a commonly occurring issue that requires a tutorial overhaul but you may want to tell players that you can warp back to your home planet no matter what (allows you to take a negative balance if you don’t have enough coin)
from the sanctum and that the location of a placed beacon is automatically saved for you.
Also I can’t be certain if it will ever be an issue, but you may want to make placed beacon locations irremovable an embedded feature after the 1.0 release so people who place many beacons don’t accidentally remove the location of one.

@Darkbladex to return home, step by step

  1. Press ESC
  2. Click return to sanctum
  3. Interact with the warp conduits and select the beacon location
  4. Walk through warp and you’re home!


The tutorial in the game at the moment is placeholder. We’re planning on adding a whole set of new objectives which describe each area of the game.


I just bought the game this evening, and I, too, am wanting to delete my character and start over =(

For whatever reason, it did not save my chosen appearance when I walked through the portal, and I’m stuck with 1.1.1. I am finding the tutorial to be a bit lacking in detail. I made the totem, and it told me to interact with the gate, not something like, “look at the planets in the sky above you, and use the totem by clicking AND HOLDING until the totem fires…” whatever you want to call it. I spent so much time trying to interact with the wall before figuring out I needed to laser the totem at the planets, and then more time discovering it was click and hold and not just click, that when I finally did fire it, I wasn’t actually aiming. I would really REALLY like to start over with the name I’m currently using and the look I had before I walked through the portal. =(


From the character menu, go to character select, create a new character. You should be able to delete the first character from the same memu as well.


join our discord and we help ya with all ya questions :smile:
since hame is gonne release soon we can also help out with resource so ya can get a crashcoarse off the game before release lolz


youw ill always be stuck with the standar model… you have to pay cubits (that you earn in-game) to spend on cosmetic looks :wink:

+++ char creation is not yet fully implemented


@Graemalkyn Thats only a recent bug. Usually you sould be able to choose an appearance without spending cubits.

That the tutorial shows the wrong text at the totem section is also a recent bug. You are not the only new player struggling with this.

Don’t worry too much about details in your character, there will be a few start for everyone in a few weeks, when then new and final universe is introduced.

Welcome to the game!

I think you can’t delete the Character you are currently playing on … iirc you have to create and switch to a 2nd char to delete the 1st one. Then you can recreate the 1st one and delete the 2nd char again.


which is kind of retarded (sorry but it is )