How to Escape the MALL?

Any tips on escaping a Mall (no names)? I want to visit the planets, but gates I’m interested in lead to malls with little to no exits.

*I wore my best “holey” jeans and duct-taped Converse sneakers, this used to get me kicked out pretty quick in the 80s


Malls with no exits? I don’t know of an enclosed mall.
If you end up in an enclosed space, just go to the sanctum then bump out?

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Well, I’m trying to “jump the wall” and explore the outside! If that makes better sense ; )

At least, in a quicker way than it’s taking me now if possible

*I suppose I could invest in Jump ability lol

Just get a grapple…at least gold or better. You can jump from any height to the ground and grapple the ground = you won’t be harmed at all.

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Any chance you have an understanding of why the grapple seems impossible to use?

*asking for a friend


Oh wait! I totally get it! THANKS! that makes perfect sense and I can put it to use immediately!
Appreciate it!

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You just have to be in range of whatever you want to grab for it to work. Some grapples reach much farther than others.

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I always recommend using a controller, if you have one, for exploring and especially grappling. I find it much smoother, though a couple functions are better on keyboard.


You could always go to the Sanctum and when you see the portal hole that lets you back in where you left you can “bump” the exit to another location. Sometimes it works sometimes not.

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Good idea! I will try it.

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