How to get Candy Seeds?

I have no idea where to find those seeds.
I know it’s the last day so it’s my last chance.
If anyone could tell me please :slight_smile:

It need the red (reward from snowball meteor, T1 and T2 world) and green candy canes (creatures with hat) and other ingredients to craft it, but sadly, the event is only less than a day (22 hours) left.

Ah it’s a craft? Thanks, i will look in every device (could not find it in knowledge menu, does not tell where to drop or craft it)
I gathered a lot of red and green canes but could not find where to get or craft the seeds.

EDIT : thanks, found it in the refinery.

It uses refinery to craft those seed based on the knowledge tab

Thanks. I was not able to find it (only totem and plant) but now i see it.

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