How to Gleambow Gleam with the new timers

It is very simple if you are just after gleam. When you get to a gleambow meteor that isn’t all gleam just let it fail that way the timers remain at least possible for when the gleam meteor spawns. This has been extremely effective so far and a lot less stressful.

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That’s… I mean, fair if you only want gleam. But I am also after that easy Oort! Does partially completing but then failing a gleambow meteor grant better oort rewards than untouched failed meteors? This is a brilliant strategy if your only goal is gleam.

exactly. only if you want gleam. it works wonders keeps the timers honest.


I might have to try this, only 2 meteors made of gleam so far so nothing really to lose for me.

neat idea… you could probably take the few gleam pieces before it runs out, not like the 3-4 blocks will make it completed…

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yeah exactly