How to goo


I am sorry I need to read more than the last post. You are correct it is 95% for goo. I will correct my other comment.


lol I was getting ready to be like “wait, what? how???”



So it retains a small mutation chance regardless of where or how it’s planted, it seems.


Yep, and if only gleam directs it then it shouldn’t matter what colour rock you use, I guess.


Is it hard to have a goo farm, if seeds are not guaranteed? How successful can you be with getting your goal colors?


Is this true? :sob:


Yes :unamused:


100% :wink:


I don’t know where it was, but I do remember @james confirming that it can mutate on rock, so I believe you are absolutely right.


Sarius quoted Luca just a couple posts ago. Apparently goo can always mutate.


Totally could have been Luca…


Can confirm I planted a bunch of the hot moss goo seeds in rock and some mutated. I don’t have the % of how many changed but it was enough that I started wondering if it was taking ambient light into consideration - not just a small number, like 10% or more.

As extra data, I think the rng mutation happens on top of/after the gleam mutation - I had a large number of seeds in a single gleam color, and while many turned out the same a good number did not.

I understand that out of a large harvest the pigment mixer will average it out and a few variants won’t matter, but those seeds are now permanently changed and must be mutated back to the target color - which is itself an error prone process, and doubly punishing due to the constant threat of seed loss.

It feels like at minimum the rng mutation rate is too high, especially given that seed % cannot reach 100% - all the extra rounds to fix color mutations can lose your seeds.


I’d say that’s inaccurate, in the sense that it takes several generations of goo to go from some colors to others.


Nobody asked “how often” or “how fast” …

Hopefully you can forgive me having a chuckle :smile:

EDIT: Or “how many” for that matter lol


Heres my personal experience with goo:

I have about 200 ish goo plants, been growing for about 2.5 - 3 weeks. I made 450 spray cans of my current goal colors (two shades of red). Upgrading the pigmenter to max power is a must.

I had one harvest on my mutation goo fall out 70% due to the 10% chance of seed loss.
On my crops I lose about 2-3 on average to random mutations. I have produced maybe about 2000 pigments till now.

Since the yield is low and there are inhibiting factors I will after we got the color mixing figured out, make a new larger setup to make the production more efficient.


Yeah, and that’s exactly what I would like to avoid doing myself.
Having to spend god-knows-how-many plots just for farming because it requires a ridiculous amount of space to have a setup which gives acceptable results.


Following up on my earlier post - I was able to log in and check numbers on the mutation rate in rock.

I had 4 sets of 32 planted - as in each set of 32 was a single seed color in a uniform color of rock. The result was 7/32, 10/32, 6/32, and 7/32 mutated - average being 30/128 = 23.4% mutation rate.

So even if you manage over a LONG period of time to get a decent number of seeds of a single color - you are likely to lose more than 1/5 of them to mutation per planting, to say nothing of the chance of losing the seed entirely.

This mutation rate is DEFINITELY too high and needs to be toned WAY down - it kinda laughs in the face of any effort you may have spent to get your seeds to a desired color.


I have a nice sized gleam changing farm. Sometimes the kernels dont change at all. Very very slow process.

And when the 90% chance fails… start back over.


Do you think the intended way to reduce mutation is to always plant in the desired gleam color, even if the seeds are already correct? My impression was that the intended sequence was to use gleam to slowly mutate the seeds, and once it was right to use rock or sponge to produce pigment from them. If you get 20% odds if seed mutation without planting in gleam, I’m not sure that’s tenable. Losing the seed entirely can happen, but we don’t need that much rng