How to goo


Does anyone know how goo color change occurs?

I am starting with a goo color that is like a dark green, but it says tendency toward white…what does this mean?

I’m trying to understand how to farm them


What if I wanted the color to stay the same? Does it depend on gleam color?


my understanding is that they slowly “tick” a shade or a few from it’s current color towards the color of gleam it’s planted on.


Oh okay, so gleam determines the color of the goo?


Randomly so though. When planted in gleam, the chances are higher it will mutate towards the color of the gleam. If you plant in rock, it may also mutate towards the color of the rock. So it’s best if you have what you’re planting in the color you want, AND make sure your initial goo kernel is, or is close to, the color you want.


Yeah but if you wanna have a goo seed setup to mutate the colors quickly with gleam, you’ll get at best a 90% seed yield. Which means that for each goo you harvest, there’s a 10% chance of you not getting anything from it.
In itself, that’s already BS, to harvest a plant and get NOTHING.
But if you’re SUPER unlucky, you can get that sweet 10% for each of your goo crops and get NOTHING from your entire harvest. Hasn’t happened to me, yet. At worst, I lost 25% of my entire goo harvest.

And after all that, you get 1 pigment = 1 spray-paint = 1 block painted… it’s a garbage feature, at this point.


So is it best to plant in rock of desired color for multiplying seeds?

And using gleam light of desired color?


The light of gleam won’t help in mutating the color, only the block in which the goo is planted.
And from my own experience, the color mutates only if planted on goo.

It won’t.
Plant goo in rock, it won’t have the “Tint : X Towards : Y”, it’ll only have “Tint : X”.


This is correct from my experience. Planting in rock will have a random chance to mutate but i dont think rock color has any effect on that.


Yeah, but it does totally mutate. I’ve witnessed it.


Ok, but would you say it’s reliable?


No, not at all. It’s very low chances, compared to planted in gleam. You’re probably safe to plant your pigment farm in rock that isn’t the color you’re planting, but I’d recommend trying to get as close to the color you want as possible, just in case.


So to maximize seeds, I plant in rock with growth around.

Then for max crop I plant in desired color of gleam with growth around?


I did the opposite.
My seed-oriented goo setup is planted on gleam, because I don’t care about pigments that aren’t in the colors I want. So I try to mutate over time with that 0% / 90% setup, and once I harvest goo kernels that have the color I want, I move them to my crop-oriented 215% / 75% setup.
The only problem is that the seed oriented setup can’t reach 100% seed yield…


Here’s goo question from left field… When (if) the colour mutates, does this happen:
a) only the tick it becomes fully mature
b) only at a pre-maturity growth tick
c) at any tick, whether growth was succesfull or not?

Then also,

  • Can it mutate colour after fully grown (if left long enough?)
  • Can it mutate more than once between planting and harvest?

Sorry if some of these are obvious, I’m still un-inducted in the gooey ways.

Edit: I just realised that there may be some weird sneaky loopholes depending on what the mechanic is, hence the question


Seed yield cannot get over 100%?


Are you sure also rocks affect the mutation?


I’ve been planting & harvesting hundreds, if not thousands. To my knowledge, the rock color hasn’t affected any of them.

Maybe a dev could verify whether or not rock color affects them


Edit: I did not read your post in context. No goo cannot be over 95% seed return. You can get more than 100% on other crops.


I haven’t been farming anything at all, please excuse me if I’m uneducated here.

For goo specifically? I feel like I’ve read many times that by design 95% is max return.

Also not sure if these two points cross over but this thread is the first time I’ve read/noticed that a goo crop could just randomly mutate.