How to leave Channel?

I don’t want to see popups for world, either. I want to see chat only when I open its window. My Notifications tab is okay, but only ‘just’, and I still have to cope with all those garish numbers in the corner.

What HazelFizz describes is another way to describe part of what I am dealing with.
I have the setting thing where the chat doesnt pop up when a new message is sent, so what I see is the numbers flash in somewhat of the middle of the left side of the screen.

The numbers are the part bothering me. Less than 2 hours I had 36 numbers in a circle of my favorite color. Now many hours later, I’d not be surprised if it was in the hundreds.

Global channels is a really bad idea imo. Erm, universal I mean. Global I’d be against as well. I wish I had a vote on this before it was implemented. I would be strongly against adding any global or universal channels, with all the problems it causes me in other games. I’ll have to keep an eye on the forums or wherever to know when an option to leave or completely hide the notifications, one setting for each channel, as I want to see whispers, and guild, but totally do not want this global/universal channel shoving numbers in my visual workspace.

I really had liked where the person has to be near me, or whisper me to get in contact with me. It felt more immersive and more peaceful that way. I could just log out if I didnt like the person chatting near me. OR block them. Now every oortian is is able to invade my calm visual workspace with numbers surrounded by my favorite color.

We have forums for universal chatting. I dont understand why this universal thing was even needed in-game. I dont want to be verbally connected with every little oortian in the game while I am trying to build. I like my introvertness. This is just rubbing me in all the wrong ways.


I think a global channel is good for player retention because it gives a sense that the game is alive, people are chatting, and allows people to announce things in game like hunts or exoplanet rides more easily then on the fourms.

I can understand not wanting to chat and finding the number annoying, but saying its a bad idea I 100% disagree with


Good points imo, I dont disagree.
I personally dont see this as a dead game, I am very happily enjoying building, mostly. And my friends can come and see it anytime, and I, their builds.

Edit: I agree to disagree on that opinion. To each their own.


Seems an update has resolved the issue I was having with the flickering bubble number notifications.

Thank you so much. My issue is resolved.

P.S. I apologize for any grouchiness that may have come across in my posts. I wasnt at my best then, I am sorry for my poor attitude at the time.