How to leave Channel?

How can I leave the channel #questions-and-help?

One of the big massive things I love about Boundless is the lack of a global channel… now it seems you have one. I want to leave it please.


An option to pin / unpin channels to All will be added in a future update.

Currently the best work around is to not view chat on the All channel, but leave it on the World.


Does that include the lack of view of notification bubble with the number in it?

The reason I noticed it was from the little number bubbles. I want those number bubbles to all be valuable, so I will pay attention and respond to my friends and people directly talking to me.

But today, I get a number of a new color, I look, and see some random dude I dont know commenting about getting copper on level 3 planets. Its annoying and can be damaging to how my subconscious deals with notifications when they become irrelevant (by ignoring them, which I dont want to do to my friends who are important). My brain did this with discord, from being unable to mute role notification number bubbles, and I have real life people who need my immediate attention, that first show up as a number notification.

I’d like to avoid my brain doing this in Boundless as soon as possible.
I hope that update is soon.

Thank you for the reply sir, much appreciated.

P.S. I left you a DM too, bout a thing we discussed before, you asked I reply after update, unless this isnt that update. Good luck handing all the affairs today.

The notification bubbles will pop up independently of the channel you have open.

I need to not have this happen with global channels. Been online just a few minutes and already have 6.

I may have to not play Boundless until “Universal” channels and their notifications can be disabled on my end. I do not want to be notified of new messages in there.

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The best way around this at the moment would be to create a guild for you and your friends, then leave the chat channel on that guild.

It does not have to be your active guild.

Its not ideal, but will stop you from getting message notifications from all the channels.

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This did not work.

36 notifications from Universal channels. I dont get that much in over a week, and here it is just a few hours since I last cleared it.

This is far too annoying to deal with.

Its a different color than your PM / guild / other notifications, so why can you not just ignore it?

That’s the problem. I want to avoid ‘ignoring’ the notifications. My subconscious is not smart enough to tell apart the colors, specially when the Universal notifications are my favorite color. My mind will zone out and not see any of them, if they become irrelevant to me.

I tried to avoid this with discord. but no option to mute the numbers from role pings led to missing an important message, because my subconscious didn’t notice it after too long with irrelevant notifications.

also, the notifications flicker on my screen. It’s a visual irritation.

My autism sensitivities probably play a part in why this is more annoying for me than for some other people. I notice things most people tend to miss.

I understand, just seems like if the other option is to

Then you are not going to get ANY notifications since you are not playing, which in the end is the same result as ignoring them in my opinion.

With the game closed, I’m not getting the visual at all. If I had the visual in my eyes, and over time my subconscious would see that as something to not pay attention to… it will eventually lead to me missing the important ones when they come around.

Not having the game open is not having that visual for my subconscious to ignore.
I will wait for the option to leave those channels.

Overall I am heavily disapointed in this addition. Not having a channel that everyone can post to from anywhere, was one of those unique perks that made me love Boundless more than other online games.

This being added just took a big dump on my enjoyment of this game’s uniqueness. It has truly turned me off from playing… until I can turn it off on my end, I will wait for that.

But aren’t you missing the important ones completely if the game is closed? I am not here to argue, I think we should have some control over the chat system and the devs have said it is coming in the future. It just seems like “not playing” is pretty nuclear over something like this when prior to this change you could not count on ever getting any messages that were sent to you.

Anyway, I will see myself out of this thread, I don’t want to continue down this line of back and forth. Good luck to you with whatever you decide.

Yes, but if I am not playing the game, then I dont need to see the ones relevant to what I would be doing in the game with other people.

Does seem you dont understand where I am coming from on this issue. Dont worry too much about this misunderstanding, it’s common for people unlike me to not know how much sensory input I get and how sensitive to it I am… unless they are also autistic like me (not speaking negative about this, big changes happening to the public perception of the kind of person I am)

Being hyper sensitive to visuals is part of me. Hard to know how this works if people dont know what it is like to have this skillset of visual sensitivity.

Makes me pretty good at WoW dungeons, I see stuff most eveyrone else misses. My sensitivites has it’s benefits. but when it is an unimportant visual cue, subconsicous is going to dismiss the visual cue, like it did with discord, and I want to avoid that by just not seeing it until a fix is added to let me leave those universal channels.

Edit to add: I can wait, no problem. gleam club has my beacons covered for over 20 weeks. so my stuff is fine.

I see where you are coming from, but an update is coming, hang in there!

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I 100,000,000,000 % agree with this. The update to click those channels cannot come soon enough. I catch that stupid number in the bubble out of the corner of my eye and I hate it. I open it up and mouse wheel real fast to the end so it goes away…until it shows up again.

I love that the chat has been improved, don’t get me wrong but those 3 channels are like the spam emails I get.

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Exactly. thank you. I am willing to wait, no big. I have other games to play in the meantime. I wish it was an option included into the same update that added the channels. Oh well.

Another option would be to set the Parental Control for Chat to “Friend Only”. This would stop you getting messages from anyone but your friends.


I literally was about to say that. I did that once to see what would happen and it logs you out. Not out of the game but from your profile? Anyway I had forgot my password I did reset it lol

I’m still waiting on that invisible mode. :slight_smile:

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