How to navigate between the connected worlds of Boundless?

Hello everyone ! :grin:

So I am realy new to this game and one thing I am realy eager to get more into is finding and interacting with players ingame. Finding awesome settlements, cities, populations centers, seeing people’s cool builds, etc…
I know the planets in the game are heavily connected thanks to players making portals 'o plenty everywhere, like in dedicated areas in settlements, shops, hubs… And I am realy excited to go jump between worlds to visit the ingame communities and see what other players have made !

Which brings me to my question: I am a bit lost as to how I can get to a specific place --say a particular world or settlement, if I want to settle or trade there for example-- other than by randomly hop in portals that I find or already having a beacon or plot in the area I can travel to.
It hasn’t been a real issue for now as I am very new to the game and havn’t gotten deep into this yet, but often when I want to travel, I wahe the feeling that I don’t really know how to comprehensively fing my way / make a route to where I would want to get.
It’s like all the population centers are connected in a tangled web of portals without clear indication on which way to go to get to a destination. :confused:

I could be totaly wrong about this and it is very possible that I juste haven’t gotten how it works yet, but as a new player I would really like to know how to find my way in this network of portals and settlements without getting lost / randomly hopping through portals hoping I’ll get to where I want.

Thank you for your help !

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There are portal networks in game that are relatively static.

They’re set up according to different standards (they’re all player run) so you may develop a preference but once you get a little familiar with the regions and planet tiers they’re all fairly easy to navigate.

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there are a couple networks that are pretty well established that touch every planet, they are Portal Seekers and Ultima. they are arranged differently, but people usually gravitate towards one or the other, usually the first one they encounter… they both have maps though, these aren’t the most current as there’s new planets that have been added:


Aahh so that’s what all those sighs were refering to ! I kinda guessed that Ultima was some kind of big guild, but I thought the “Portal Seekers” signs pointed to where people could place their own portals :sweat_smile:

Well that’s helpful to know ! Thanks to the pair of you, Nightstar and ctrl-64 !


Looks like we need new maps because of the new planets lol. Also I used ps till I discovered Ultima. Never looked back after that. Lol

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hehe. I was going to say that I preferred PS, I liked the way not only the map but each hub in the way it is organized. everyone has their preference! :slight_smile:

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I just watched a video Jiivita made on the topic ! With that and your explanations it is now much clearer, and I am excited as ever to start exploring those networks !
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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The Hubbit network has also been around for a while with nice, compact hubs leading to every planet/region.

There are other networks growing right now too. But Portal seekers and Ultima are by far the two most recognized.

When I was newer I found Ultima’s layout to be less confusing. Now I just use them each for different purposes. To higher level worlds I frequently use the PURE hubs or a network called Fairytales Worlds.

I opened portals to four networks from my build on Raxxa and also a great shopping hub (DBX hub on sorissi) and it seems like anyplace is just a few steps away now. I have some self-service portals set up as well if anyone is looking for a place to run a single 1x2 portal for max effect.

Once you’re less into just “looking around” and more into getting someplace specific, it all starts to make sense pretty quickly. Now I have no problem getting lost - it’s getting distracted that’s an issue :smiley:

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this is updated map of Ultima Network with new planets :slight_smile: enjoy :slight_smile:


Woah, there seems to be quite a diversity of ways to find your way around the universe then ! I will look into those networks and try them out for myself.


Learning the networks was some of the best fun I had in the early game. :slight_smile:

And here I feel ps is unorganized. Plus the lack of signs on higher tier worlds is a minus in my book and the high tier world hubs aren’t safe zones on ps. Died walking thru a portal because of that a couple of times.

Hubbit is also another portal system connected to all the planets. Pure is connected to a lot of them but I’m not sure if it’s all

New Leyden has a very nice, but not really well known, portal network for T5+ planets (and Delta Cancret).
The portal gates can be near/next to a farm/mine spot and all have portals in basement (except Flan, no basement yet) to many more farm/mine spots, both public and some guild only.

New Leyden also has an excellent market! Jiivita has some video’s featuring New Leyden Market, he even has a market stall there… And at the market there are a whole slew of portals to many other shops, malls and portal networks (Auqa, PS, Crypt, etc.)

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I prefer the Ultima one because I can go through their main portal and go right and see a large portal that opens up to portals to all the planets for each nation. Go through USE and you get all the planets that are listed as USE. Go through USW and get planets on the UsW. Go left and around the corner are portals to the ones in EU, and AS. The two new planets are right in front now, so easy to see them.
When we first started in Oct, we used PS and it was insane with all the shops that were above the portals to the planets. I would get lost so often and have to pay to get back to my base that I hated traveling.
Went looking for a specific shop and was given directions to go through the Ultima hub. Now use it mainly for all trips.

The problem I have with PS is that there doesn’t seem to be a central hub location, where I can go and find portals to all the planets, They seem to have one portal that has portals to Tier !, 2, 3, and sometimes 4. They list names on a sign and you go through that to find another portal that has portals to more but different Tiers planets with portals to different planets. I don’t want to have to go through three portals to get to one planet, like I can with Ultima.

totally understandable.
I know that in the PS network sometimes you have to go through more portals but I understand that it is built with low portal cost in mind.
I like that there is a main line of planets that connect at either end to make a continuous ring… there are off-shoots to low level planets and the high tier ones… the high tier one is a straight line which is nice because I can run through with my medic alt without atmosphere protection and then just sanctum warp to my main’s dead body :stuck_out_tongue:
also every portal hub is designed with the blocks from that planet and most of the time there is a colour palette right in the floor.
There are signs beside every portal telling you what other planets the one you’re about to enter is connected to.
The signs that are above the portals in the ring are all made of gold as well as the signs for portals going towards the ring.
just a few of the things I like about the PS hub :slight_smile:

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Although the number of spots you can save is limited, I find it worth the 100c to just save good locations (Places-Locations-Current Location-Add to List) then warp to them from a planet’s hub. That way, I can get anywhere within a few easy jumps… get to Ultima or another major hub, get to the planet I want, then warp to my destination for 100c. Although a lot of my list is tied up with mining and foraging spots I admit. I’ve got a few small portals open to nearby hubs, cheap to maintain, so I have multiple ways of getting anywhere.

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