How to set up portals


What to set up my first portal! How do I do it? Lol



Sorry. Am I understanding that you have to find a portal shop to build a portal? As in -then how did the first portal get created? Or are you just saying that is the easier, faster method if on a starter planet?



It takes some end game items to make permanent portals but people do sell them


No you don’t need a portal shop to build a portal.

You need a destination Portal.
This can be one setup by an other player(in a portal hub for example, where player sell the portal locations) or you can just build one yourself.


Couple step :

  • Make 2 portal of the same size (start point, end point)

  • Take the portal token of the end point (open the portal GUI to get a token)

  • Place this token in the start point GUI

  • Add Oort shard in teh starting point

  • Open it

There is different cost of Oort shard depending of the portal size. You can amke any portal size until you reach a total of 100 blocks. The bigger it is the more in cost.

The portal size can depend of the Blinksec Distance between the 2 portal. You will need a minimal of block to reach X blinksec.


Portal Token: