How to survive on an inhospitable world

So upon warping to Circarpous I, I was landed with the no air penalty, as though I’d just gone diving. Thus I could only last 90 seconds without needing to warp away again. Presumably there’s a protective buff hiding somewhere that I need, perhaps in a skill or food/brew? Any ideas?

The atmospheric resistance skills, which become available after… level 12, I believe? Each one is specifically tailored to two types of hostile environments.

Once you get some levels in those, your time is DRAMATICALLY extended. It stops feeling like you’re diving, and starts to feel more like a vacation in the Bahamas.

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My question is for the metal world… The skills seem to only be for elemental atmospheres

I went to Till with the Blast/Burn skill at lv.2, and I stayed for like 3-4 hours until I ran out of tools and weapons and snacks.

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Oh, so maybe you can have any atmosphere skill for non elemental atmospheres?

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That one just seemed to equate most closely with the planet, so I put some points in and… Lucky guess? It worked.

But I was also confused before I tried it out.

Yeah I’ve been on Delta Cancret for a while now (Inhospitable Coal)

Its easier on inhospitable planets or on rugged ones?
Wich one is easier?
What skill is needed for metal worlds?

I ussed the skill with the lighting icon, i have it on lvl 5 and it give invulnerability.


Rugged has no atmosphere issues, only more powerful creatures, so they are easiest to progress to.

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Thanks for the info)

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