How was life like for the oort?

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I’ve been wondering … how was life for the oort? was it like modern human life ( like irl not in the game) or was it like modern oort descendant life?

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Nothing Oort of the ordinary, I assume.


It’s like that movie where people sit in floating chairs cuase the got lazy and let machines do the work after oxygen machine failed nobody knew how to fix stuff anymore then the explosion off the mother’s hip fused there DNA together with there robotic helpers dooming them to exist as a half human half flying eyeball(cuttletrunk) there’s a rumor that there bionic ground hunters still rom the earth to stalk current life bt they haven’t. Been spotted yet but devs somehow got pictures off them


I feel like they were like the dawmer from Skyrim, they were very technology advance they began to practice with life and machine, eventually they created Titans, protectors eventually their creations turn against them killing almost ALL oortians. But one run away, to a sanctum there he slept in cryogenic sleep for ages until it was safe for the oortians to return. With his knowledge of genetics he began to rebuild civilization using his DNA he began sending genetically modified clones of himself to re-take the planets, but there were no Titans… is was a fertile land where the new Oort prosper and grow, where are the Titans? Protectors? As time goes by and new planets pass the solar system the new oort live in fear as these planets come by so may the ancient oort’s constructions.