How we get to local universe now?

hmm how do we do local universe server since test server is offline now
could not login at all on local universe
and when that i try to connect to universe

There is no Universe locally yet… that was the next patch before the Devs switched. Maybe we get lucky and they still do it… You can have a local planet, though. Go into the sanctum and it is in the menu.

how u get access sanctum if mmo not avalable

when i try to create anther universe

To create the local planets you have to be in the production version of the game. The test/beta version is all offline until the Test Server is back online.

soo no way get old data AND invite other yet?
sandbox only flat world?

Not that I know of… the Test worlds are on their own DB instance, etc. So flat was all we had in production. The new “local universe” needed them to adjust how the DB ran and a bunch of other stuff. I never knew what the final issue was that put a hold on the last release on a technical level. Obviously “time” was the biggest constraint that killed them fixing that last bug.

I’m still happy at least that we have a local world if we want to play around. I do use some of the creative worlds people off here - THANK YOU.