How will the player driven economic system work

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It’s been suggested that Titans are living constructs that can be mined on death. Additionally, the titans are defended by a variety of “guardian” constructs. This gives some unique opportunities too. It could explain the presence of oort tech found scattered across the universe as debris and remains from titan drones. Coins could be minted from the disassembled battery wafers at the core of titan constructs. Smaller scout drones could be “lost” across the surface of planets to be defeated or harvested for small influx of coin, and titans themselves may pay out a fortune of coin when destroyed (and their power cores scrapped for coin). What’s more, the art for coin would not have to change. They are simply the disk like wafers of an oort battery pack minted into currency.


Are you buying things at the market too?

The coin struggle is due to a rapidly depleting fixed sum per player at the moment, i know lots of players were warping back and forth multiple times per day and most of the ones i know have now stopped or cut right down.

It’s basically a choice right now - warp or trade with other players.

I know at least 5 people that have spent well over 10k on warping, that’s money there’s no way to get back right now. The market on Therka fluctuates in business so much and is pretty much only fuelled by new players or a few regulars (like myself) that have decided to abstain from warping and stick to trading instead.

Most people it seems have decided to keep their coins for warping instead, which will eventually deplete us all, as buyers will only be funding the sellers warp costs and the sellers won’t be injecting their coins back into the economy.

(I say eventually, because we have no date for a fix via portals or more coin sources yet)

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Nope. I’ve never visited “The Market” that everybody talks about, I believe it’s on Therka. I’ve had no need. I mine what I want to build. I visit planets when I want different colors of gleam or other materials. I stay on that planet until I’ve built up everything that I want to Get, then I take it back to my base on Berlyn. I’m not as active as I’d like to be, so that’s probably a major contributor as to why I haven’t run out of coin yet. I have traded with other players, but it’s usually been for rare materials. I usually do these trades for around 500 coin which is less than I earn for one level of mining now.

Again, I think I get it. But, I still don’t know of people who have run out of coins flat out. The system is temporary. I feel like the other comments after mine show pretty clearly that there are many great ways of instituting a better economy. I’m not worried.

Well congrats on playing solo, but this is an MMO and we should be encouraged to play/trade with other players. :slight_smile:

I play solo as well, still haven’t found people to join up with but I do have a shop at the market and trade with other players there both buying and selling. I buy the bits i don’t want to grind myself as much and sell my extras.

It works okay, and it WILL work much better in the future, we all know that.

Trading is however the only profession that is hugely bugged right now and has been since the beginning.

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The key word in that sentence is ENCOURAGED, not REQUIRED. It really irks me when people throw the “its an MMO excuse”. I have been playing MMO’s almost exclusively since Everquest came out in 1999. No matter the game, I have never gotten involved in the economy of the game. Why? Simple. It has never interested me and will never interest me. In every game, there is a select group who always seems to hold all the money and control the market. These people play for the sole purpose of the economy. The economy is like a game inside of a game and one I do not wish to participate in.

I think you would be surprised at how many people out there play MMO’s solo. It is, and should be an option. There are tons of reasons why people choose this route, personal or preference.

Now don’t get me wrong, I spent years in guilds raiding 5-6 hours a night, 6 nights a week, and spent more than my share of time being involved with others in the game, but the economy is something I never spend time on.


I don’t really get why you’re upset man, the game is already working for single players, it’s just broken for those who do want to participate in trading and an economy.

I’m not upset at all man :slight_smile: Just sharing my view, and I did offer some ideas earlier in the post for helping with the coin problem and the economy.

Fair enough, anyway I’m now banking on portals coming out soon which will be the quickest indirect fix as Turbulenz seem to be against quickfixes, which I do understand.

As soon as we have portals people won’t need to hold onto coins for warping and we’ll be all set even if it takes weeks for coin sources to make it in

I’m not being disagreeable here. I really like your comments, but I’ve seen a common group of people who say things about the game being broken. The game’s not done. There’s a difference.
In some things, it actually matters when something doesn’t work as intended. That’s what the bug reporting is for. There are complete threads for that. The current economical system was and is a band-aid fix. Temporary.

Most of this comes down to fear which is stunting the current economy. Players do not see how they can earn more money in the game once they reach max level, so they hold onto what they got in fear of running out. It really does take a long time to max everything out, but it is still a finite amount. This means people aren’t trading coins (opting to trade items rather than gold) as much as they could or moving around the universe as much as they could.

Adding an infinite way to earn money will be enough to remove this fear. Work on the rewards for objectives is underway.


Good man :blush: almost absolves you for changing our damn grapple bindings.

Just give us retract on space at least :yum: leave F for your fancy feed function!

But you can’t jump if we did that. :confused:

Erm, we could before… :yum:

@luke-turbulenz I feel this will be a very test driven thing, giving infinite ways to get coins is a two way street. Perhaps absolving fear but also driving value of coins down massively. I think the biggest problem though right now is trying to speculate on how the in game economy will work before the permanent portals are implemented as well as other end game items. People’s biggest fear currently might stem from having finite coins, but it’s really that it costs more to travel to a large market, basically therka…, and return home than they would of spent at the market anyway. I honestly think the coin issue will be greatly diminished after portals and that the Dev team shouldn’t waste time trying to balance the economy with infinite objective purses until that point.

I’m a bit late to this, but back to @Wichall saying everyone’s shops are too expensive…

The short answer is, “ok”. That’s a free market. Devs aren’t going to make price ceilings, sorry. As others have said, competition will drive down prices. In fact, you could be that driving force that starts the competition! Other have tools going for 3x what you think they’re worth? Sell them for what you think they’re worth! You’ll make the money they’re losing! Ta-da!

Welcome to economics 101 :wink:

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You would be surprised how fast those prices drop when it doesn’t cost you 1k coin every time you wanna update your shop and go home after. cough portals cough

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Judging by @luke-turbulenz’s participation in this thread, I’m assuming they already know the community’s thoughts about current warp prices and that they’ll be balanced more in the future.

I wanted to address a non-game related issue for someone who didn’t quite know how free economies work in MMOs :smiley:

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Ah, I actually think warp prices are fine. Was hinting at the portals which reminds me, I should really suggest they rename portals to gateways or something. I think the names are fine but I’ve seen a lot of mixups regarding the two.

Ahem, that was @T4LCOMX.

I don’t need an economics lesson thank you, that’s why I didn’t soend £720 on my tier :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh you’re right, I did mean @T4LCOMX. :sweat_smile:

However maybe I need an economics issue! Could you explain how a post about the basic principles of supply and demand relate to how my friends and I decide to spend our money on something we subjectively view as a worthy purchase? Not quite seeing how those connect or how the latter is any of your business, @Wichall :stuck_out_tongue:

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