How will the player driven economic system work

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I was wondering how will the player driven economic system works in boundless 1.0. As of now, i think the only way to make coin is to level up or sell item on a selling plinth. With this said, the system will not work as there will not be new money injected in the system if there is no new player, combine with the cost of 500 coins for warping, it will end up with an economic crash.
I think for it to work right, there should be a mean to sell base item to the “game” at a reduce price. For example, i would gladly sell sand or ancient tech fragment for a reduce price as i have to much of them and i don’t think anybody would spend coins on them.
As an add up benefit, it could give player a feel of the base cost of items in the game.

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This is all up in the air at the moment, no one’s sure and it’s pretty severely bugged right now.

Search the forums, they are working on it but no ETA yet.

Also people do buy sand, ice to level Builder/trader.

Ancient tech frags not so much but hopefully there’s new Engine recipes coming that’ll need them

The devs will introduce something like daily quests called “objectives” that give players an alternative way of obtaining coins besides of leveling their professions.

This would require some sort of NPC trader/plinth which seems to go against their “everything within the game is player-made” philosophy.

I dont think NPC buying plinth for you to sell stuff cheap goes against player-made philosophy tough. It’s just a matter of selling stuff that you don’t need for cheap, you will always sell more to a player than what the NPC would buy. Moreover, if the NPCs dont sell anything, we still need player driven economy to buy stuff. Quests/objectives can be another way do inject money in the game, the important thing is to have a working system.

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But that devalues the point of a player driven economy, if a lot of people mine stuff that everyone haves, the price is going to drop untill the point that its bad business to mine.

But if an NPC always are willing to buy it, there is always a reason to mine the material making the economy and actions of players less dynamic overall.

I hope there is going to be more options than just daily quests. I personally hate daily quests and have never done them in any MMO I have played. Nothing worse than logging in and being told what you need to do with your time.

There needs to be multiple avenues for coin injection for the player. You could have mobs drop them, you could earn them for discovering new locations on planets. An idea I had which I think is pretty neat, is to have treasure chests(or whatever you want to call them) scattered around the planets. They could be randomly placed just like resources making it impossible for players to camp locations. It would add one more reason to explore and hunt. The chests could contain coins, ores, ancient tech, etc.


the coin system is out of whack.

players charging half a level worth of coin for 1 piece of gold not even alloy,

and like 3 to 5 Levels worth of coin for stuff like a power core or gold hammer… PFT i say!

The devs should either set flat prices on items, or set up a market of their own with items that Dont deplete at a slightly higher than what they think is fair price. They can set a tone for the trade system that way, and add a little on the top for convenience.

I miss the market from the new trailer / test build!

Certain Skills like miner should give x coin while harder to rank skills like attacker give x2 or x3 coin.

Achievements like Pray and Spray should also yield coin.

Coin should also be a block type, and more common underwater :laughing:

I agree, I’m gonna stop buying anything at the market and lower all my prices until everyone else catches up.

Will let you know when I have done!

Best prices I have seen are on Berlyn, I think I see iron tools for 50c.

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What would people pay for power cores?

Personally, I don’t buy anything from players. I see no need when I can save the coins for warping and just gather the resources and build the items myself.

Patience goes a long way in a game like this, but if you want instant gratification get ready to pay for it.


Lowered all my prices loads on Therka :slight_smile:

… Thats entirely against the whole idea of player driven economy. Right now the prices are a bit funky because there is not large amounts of competition, with more people, the prices should balance out somwhat.


power cores are funny thing. you can benefit from more than one, second to the workbench in importance for having duplicates (excluding crafting tables)

they require the tech components which can be quite elusive… till one day you stumble across ten in the right cave… or mountainside.

I can understand gold and silver items costing quite a bit… as you need ten gold / silver alloy per compact version :upside_down: and then you need 2 Compact… 20 gold and 20 silver needed per tool Not Including the copper/iron stick fossil extract that ya need as well. OH and time. lol.

I hate to be that guy who makes that suggestion that makes literally everyone wince :persevere: But, creatures should drop coins. Perhaps the wildlife in oort have the genetic predisposition to swallowing shiny objects :money_mouth:

similar to children with crayons :crayon:

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also why wouldnt there be coins in blocks here and there? theres tech frags and tech components. would be nice if there were little coin deposits.

Buried Treasure!

:chipmunk: :pick:

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I feel you.
This is exactly how I think about this whole ‘objectives’ thing.

IMO objectives would make a nice addition to the revenue system but they should definitely not be the core of it.

This would also be my go-to solution for this. Coin could drop through most actions (similar to EXP in Minecraft) as this would allow players to do whatever pleases them while earning coin along the way, instead of being forced to grind from objective to objective to complete tasks they probably don’t even want to do just for the sake of getting some coin.

what about coin-fed locks?

pay a coin or two to unlock. i am turning my old home into a hidden store and i will periodically offer a random item for a greatly reduced price for fun. it will be like finding the store in zelda.

i could imagine that coin fed locks could benefit communities for entrance into a market or settlement. or perhaps you want to have a toll-tunnel :rabbit2:

So, I can not understand why there is such a coin struggle right now. The system implemented currently obviously isn’t meant to be permanent. I’m curious if anybody has yet to completely run out of coins. I don’t even have mining up to 50 yet and I’m sitting at 30K coin. I could move to 60 planets in a row… which I have no reason for doing. BUT, this whole paragraph is just the intro.

In my opinion, which is a very humble one at that, we (and the Devs), have thousands of examples of coins and how they work in the games that already exist. If they’re not planning on microtransactions for in-game money (which they can’t be that stupid), then why does the coin system have to work differently? Why reinvent the wheel?

They even have a reason for coins to be randomly distributed throughout the worlds: The Oort. Historically, ancient coins were made out of durable materials, and that’s one of the reasons gold was so sought after. You could mint coin that would last forever. Why don’t the Oort have a similar currency that’s distributed around the world?

As far as monsters dropping coin: yes! Within reason. Humanoid creatures and birds are common mobs that drop coin in other games. But they could easily come up with their own “treasure goblins” of Boundless (That’s a Diablo III reference if you’re not familiar). I mean, LOTR had gold-hoarding dragons. Why not Boundless with gold-hoarding wyrms, or birds, or whatever. Make a new creature. Make the currency made out of a new material that doesn’t corrode. There’s too many ways to do it right for the devs to fail, yeah???

I, for one, am not worried about it. I have enough gold right now. They’ll work it out.

Personally I’m not sure I like the idea of making them “Oort coins” either, as I don’t think it quite fits in the lore. Yes, we use ancient tech for the machines, but we butcher the tech to make our own machines - they’re not Oort machines, they’re (currently) cat race machines. I think the coins would be the same … the races of boundless would have their own identity, beyond the ancient Oort (who they have probably never seen), so they would surely have their own monetary system.

I kinda like the idea of having a creature whose skin/scales(?) could be the base material of coins. It would make it a more plausible reason for killing those creatures, as they would yield some sort of material that could then be ‘minted’ into usable currency (as opposed to “this creature has 20 coins lodged in it’s belly, so I need to kill it to get them”).

Maybe the new worm, currently in development, could serve this purpose? It could even be the insides of the worm which are the raw materials used for coin. You could then use this as a plausible reason to find a mineable version of this base material scattered around the landscape as well… worm poop! This would also make the tier 5 worms much more valuable to hunt, due to their size, than the lower tier ones.

I’d even put the minting process behind a progression tier as well, so that skilled hunters/miners aren’t coin dependent from other professions.