How's about round blocks (Pillars & logs)?

Hey guys …

I just had the idea of round blocks for building pillars in great halls or logs/laying trees for wooden houses. That would be cool. Would be great to build something like the pathenon or log houses in the mountains or woods :wink: … May be you also add quater round blocks to make even bigger pillars (2x2 base)

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I kind of love the idea, but i’m struggling to imagine it working and looking good in the art-style.

I think the pillars would fit well into the style. The logs may be a bit complicated and there may be some additional solutions needed for the corners of the house (where the logs would leave holes to look though ^^). But may be the gods we call “devs” find a proper answer :wink:

Even a simple 1 block octagonal column might be nice, even better if it has a variant for the base and the cap. These would probably fit under furniture blocks which I’m assuming shall be more detailed, if we aim for something rounder.

Pillars have been suggested.

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i mentioned the idea of having 1/8th blocks. that is half the height of a normal block ( a slab) and then 1/4th of the slab, in my eyes everything related to building should have a blocky feel to it.


I came to say the same thing. Let’s keep the low-poly aesthetic going. Octagonal or even hexagonal shapes would be fantastic for tree trunks, columns, etc.

octagonal or and hexagonal would technically not count as voxels.

That’s true, but neither do slopes. That’s actually one of the things I like the most about Oort, is that it isn’t strictly voxel based. I love the low-poly look!

Obviously this isn’t Grow Home or something, but I think “a voxel world with low-poly influences” is a fantastic position to be in.

i prey to god that they dont start making hexagonal or octagonal. i really think it looks ugly.

I think Oort isn’t aiming to be voxel in the minecraft sense at all. The world is blocky and chunky but characters and furniture were implied to be more detailed albiet stylised so that they fit the world nicely.

@Zouls Hexagons and octagons are ugly?? Since when??


+1 Do want!

i say keep it in squares. if they split it up in 1/8 squares then you can easily make pillars like that and should be free to do so.

We’ve thought a little about this.

At the moment we have two extremes:

  1. cubes with distortion and slopes for the world, and
  2. mesh models for characters + props.

We’ve wondered about having something somewhere in between. The artists are definitely keen to have something that gives them more control over the form of the world. It’s extremely foreign for them to have to work so strictly within the voxel + cube configuration.

So this is something we’re looking at and thinking about - but nothing will happen until we’ve released the texture update. Once it is live we’ll all be looking at the same visual status. Maybe it’ll not be needed. The texture update is bringing more then a few textures. There is quite a big change to the world rendering + lighting.

It’s also possible we might add some additional world shapes (such as pillars) for the monuments goal. This might make more sense because we’d then be able to use them during the monument generation.