Hows the game going?

Not played in awhile.

its going very good we all having lots off fun and the those that dont have fun ya can find on this forum
:joy: gotta leave i hear one coming


Nothing but good times here as well. Collaborating with my wife on a larger scale set of builds so all good things in my little circle.


I got bored and left, Dreams is out on ps4 so its either make your own games or play someone elses.

Boundless, honestly i just want to see more then 4 types of enemies, its not bad just same old same every day.

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Working away on my settlement, enjoying the grind… things are great :smiley:


Civilizations have risen and fallen, but the overall arc of the Oortiverse is towards progress. :slight_smile:


New rocks, worlds, blocks and mobds yup.

Progress towards a world with just 1 or 2 players in it, yup thats happening too.

Always imagined Private worlds as being different, but well at least i dont have to pay for this one. Just those pesky visitors!

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