Hubbit network and TNT network are merging!

I’m glad to announce that the Hubbit network and TNT network will be merging .All the world hubs in the Hubbit network will stay at their locations they are at for now.World Hubbit hubs will lead directly to a location inside the TNT planethub . In some cases the Hubbit world hub may become the Primary TNT world hub.The details are being worked out. Hubbit world hubs that don’t have player portals or have almost no foot traffic MAY close nothing has been decided yet.If you have any questions just let me know.


Good like I mentioned before this is the best thing to do and benefits both! the amount of players currently wont generate enough footfall for the cost but who knows when it increased if they finally cut the price by half many more would join and play


Yep, this is super exciting. If you (anybody) have any concerns or worries please let us know. The objective is to get it sustainable while supporting everybody. Also, if you have any suggestions… now’s a really good time to speak up. You can PM @White69Tiger, or any of the TNT hub guys.

Lets try and make this work.

@White69Tiger @MrNiX
Which worlds will that be? T5+ or only lower ones?

Hey Aenea!!!

This would only be the case for hubs that TNT is paying for directly… and honestly only if there is improvement in the location. And this would apply to any level world. One thing we’re DEFINITELY NOT doin is messing with our members.

BUT, since you are in fact a said member… do you have implementation ideas? Or desires?

Well, was mostly wondering about the T5+ locations since, ya know, we have plans for those (look at Cardass, still WIP tho) :wink:

Hey @White69Tiger . If you’re changing or moving Gyosha’s hubbit spot. I would like to get the plots back.

:wink: :wink:

I don’t think we’re planning on changing it, but if we do, we will of course give back. Not a good idea to upset off a Mad Hatter like you :grin:

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So, we are on Refgar and are the location for both TNT and Hubbit, which portal would be the one you use/transfer to? Are we staying with the tall towers? Or are we going with Hubbits design?


Lol. No worries. There’s a tnt a few plots away already is all. If hubbit is going to tnt now it’s kind of a waste for us both to be paying for the same thing.

This is great! Glad this got worked out

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I’m lost ok which t5 network is staying lol

If things need to be turned around and changed that be fine I like to offer the capital Crymoar as new TNT location for the xa frant.( if this is required )


I still wish I had the Eresho portal :weary:

Let me know if I can help at all. Happy to set up a temp portal to hubbit at Tana or either of my other bases.

This sounds like a great idea! good luck with the process.

Hey to clarify as there seems to be some confusion…

We will not be running two separate networks. We are simply looking to ensure that anyone with an active player portal at hubbit will be accommodated either within their existing hub or a new hub.

Every T1 to T4 Planet directly linked to the Megahub to Circ will remain as such.

What we will do where feasible is connect a hubbit hub using 1x2 to each planet in close proximity to the Megahub portals.

This will benefit in the following ways:-

  1. Anyone with an existing portal at a hubbit will still have a convenient connection to a travel system

  2. Where our existing Megahub portals are in huge towns or places which are not very easy to exit, this will provide a quick way out.

If you are a planet host, please visit the skynet channel on our discord for detailed information on what we would like each current host to do where possible.

Posted to skynet let me know what I can do to help :blush:

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TNT of course!

Only T4 and below changes.