Hubbit Network

Question for everyone…Does anyone still use the Hubbit Portals?

Since TNT obtained them from @White69tiger they have been kept open. We have not seen a lot of use for them in some areas so we figured we would ask the community.

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I thought the entire network was done to be honest so I have not used it.

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TNT was still keeping some of the portals open in some areas.

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Maybe the reason why players have not been using that network thinking it was done with. I honestly use more of the PS, Ultima and TNT mainly

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Basically TNT had them open at the our monolith’s. Not everywhere but some of them.

An example would be on Beckon in the Aqua Embassy…our monolith is there and right outside of it there is a Hubbit Portal.


I used a few times back in the day, I didn’t know it was still open… I’m a big fan of fuel efficiency and there are waaay too many portals open everywhere or portals too large just for the sakes of aesthetics.
maybe keep it as a historical site, something wanderers can stumble upon… honestly, we should walk more :slight_smile:


When the original owner of Hubbit was around I used it all the time…but since the owner before TNT had it, the network no longer went to unique destinations so I stopped using it/liking it as so many other had. As far as my concern Hubbit’s main appeal died with those changes… TNT keeping them open is probably in most cases a waste of your/their resources…Just my opinion.


Add big signs and mail boxes front of portals for feedback. If there isn’t coming any it is easy to shutdown those after a month :smiley:


Then you must love DKHops! Not a drop of oort wasted!

On topic: haven’t really used hubbit since it went to tnt tbh


I’m still holding the link from the old hubbit hub to the TNT monolith on raxxa but it goes to an area that isn’t very active these days and I haven’t seen anyone traversing it in a long time.

They made some changes and merged the other hubs there (it is in a large city)and I’m not sure if or how many independent settlements are around the area.

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I still use the Hubbit Portal on Beseverona regularly.


Yeah I duck through the high tier ones sometimes too.

Not so much on t1 - t3 though. Sometimes they’re helpful getting to a shop.
Last time I went around looking I noticed that several of them are closed.

This is the feedback we are looking for. Sounds like for the most part no one really uses them. Not saying some aren’t used.