Hubs on circarpous

Besides TNT MEGAHUB and PS are there any other major hubs on Circarpous 1?

Ultima network also covers all planets.

I’m not sure if Tiggs tunnels does right now or not after a recent post about some PC problems but they usually do.

There are several t5/6 networks but I’m not sure how many of them bypass the T4 planets.


Code gleam is on circa now but they probably are shut down right now since they are on break

So hunted around finally found Ultima NW followed it back to Circarpous 1, which is at TNT MEGA…lol

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No other major hubs

Yeah sure enough I went to see what you meant and the ultima hub is in New Nixia.

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Exactly, our Ultima Hub is at TNT Nixia. :slight_smile:

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Trying to find my way overland to the megahub I found out the Iconic circarpous hub is also in New Nixia, 'tis a well connected city :grinning:

Yeah, but it is the capital, so its normal i think :wink:
I even connected my Event Horizon to it a while ago :smiley:
And since it is also directly connected to Ultima Hub, i have now 6 almost direct Portals from my personal Place to Ultima… i know i am crazy :joy: