Huge 4,6k plot release / give away

So I am gonna destroy my beacon in a few min on Gellis anyone who want the spoils come to:

Im just curious what this was?

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What??? You’re not finishing your pyramid project? What happened??

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I where gonna be a giant Pyramid

I guess I just lost interest in it ^^ I focus on my guild atm ^^

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Man people just can not share, 2 guys plotted most of it =(

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yea I’ve seen that done before

Been playing 3 weeks, went to two open tear downs. First one 2 guys ran around and regen bombed everything, and today *a different few plotted everything rather than share XD.

Not the same people tho :slight_smile:

Edited my post for clarity on that =)

Better yes, well, it’s kinda what you do when looting tho, plop beacon down and plot the heck out of the area so you can loot in peace…

I don’t see it as a bad thing or as griefing, which regen bombing most certainly is!


Honestly I do see that as any different as someone walking around with a forged hammer sucking up blocks so fast it looks like a vacuum cleaner… Or those that happen to be online when someone offers a build versus those that cannot play… To each their tools and how they choose to play… but none of that compares to people that regen because they can’t get stuff. Those are truly childish actions.


Plotting over half a build is pretty greedy if you ask me.

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So plotting it all for yourself is better than multiple people with aoe tools getting blocks? lol I guess it is better for you who plotted it all :wink:

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Plotting a fair share? Sure. Plotting as much as you guys plotted? Pure greed.

it’s the same story every time I see these posts. regen bombs, plotters. Human nature is screwed. make this game offline plz…

Naw, ying and yang. The guy was nice enough to share his build and tons of people are awesome in the community. People even preserve rare resources and keep them public. Whereever there is greed and self serving behavior there is just as much or more of the opposite.


People don’t always see eye to eye. Hardly a reason to go ‘offline’.

I don’t agree with a lot of what various players do but it doesn’t bother me because I’m playing the game the way I want to, and if someone bumps in to me that I don’t care for I just reroute or go around.

Kind of like life. Oddly enough, as a result of that I don’t have to many complications inlife generally, just like in game.


BTW big thanks to Dulki for sharing, I will put the brick to good use!!!

Hey in situations like this its who gets there first gets the spoils I was late and decided since everything of value was plotted I would suck up the the bricks and wood “like a Vacuum” (lol I loved that line ty) with my aoe tools. It was a helluva lot more work then it was worth but free is free. I dont fault anyone who got there first plotting up it just makes sense due to loot regen bombers you either plot or its reneged. Gratz to Fireangledth ,ghandy , and Xaldafax and the others theres always next time for us who missed out.


In terms of my plotting, it was actually done to prevent another regen bombing situation. Offered any who wants it perms to my becon & that still stands. I have very little need for 95% of the stuff there